This week's IFA 2018 is what we would like to see

As with most major technical exhibitions, IFA 2018 has new technology products mixed in one of the two buckets. The first section is most practical, more or less predictable, due to iterative product updates. Here you can find the next flagship phone we know, or a laptop with a new Intel processor that appears regularly like a tide.

Correct pants.

The second bucket contains all unexpected products. I think it's fun because I can find something like you LG's Robot Pants And Segway Roller ShoesBut you also have to accept some frustration with all this newness. You can find many steam locomotives here. There is also an interesting prototype that never ends in the mainstream market. If bucket 1 is filled with items that are most likely to be purchased for this holiday, product

CNET will review all the goals of IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) this week in Berlin, Germany. We contribute by using editing teams all over the world including San Francisco, New York, London, Madrid, Louisville, Kentucky office writers, photographers and creators of video content.

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This week's IFA 2018 is what we would like to see

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