Three years later, Let & # 39; s Encrypt has issued more than 380 million HTTPS certificates.

Happy Birthday, Crypto!

Founded in 2014 by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, non-profit organizations are supported by many people such as Akamai, Google, Facebook, Mozilla and others. On Friday three years ago, he announced his first certificate.

Since then, the numbers are exploding. To date, more than 380 million certificates have been issued with 129 million unique domains. It is also the world's largest issuer of certificates.

Now, according to Firefox 's public data, 75% of Firefox traffic is HTTPS – thanks to Let' s Encrypt, this is only 38% of the loading of web pages via HTTPS encrypted connections It has been created, it has increased considerably than at the time of creation.

"This speed and the change on this scale is unbelievable," a spokesperson said. "It is not only encryption responsible for this change, but it certainly catalyzed it."

HTTPS maintains the security of Web channels. If the browser glows green or the lock blinks, the TLS certificate will encrypt the connection between the computer and the website, no one can intercept, steal, or change the website I will not use it.

However, over the years, the certificate market has been broken, expensive and difficult to navigate. With Effort to encrypt the Web, EFF and other organizations gather and offer free TLS certificates to the masses.

In short, bloggers, single page websites, and startups can easily install free news sites such as Let 's Encrypt for secure connections. Last month, security experts and cryptologist Scott Helme and Troy Hunt discovered that more than half of the millions of websites selling at the top of the traffic are using HTTPS.

As it develops, certificate issuers are trusted by many key players such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.

A fully encrypted website is still far away. However, it seems that about 1 million Let & # 39; s Encrypt certificates are issued every day …

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Three years later, Let & # 39; s Encrypt has issued more than 380 million HTTPS certificates.

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