14 Tips How To Blogging Via Instagram 2019

They say a picture is valued a thousand words and they’re probably correct while you look at how the popular Instagram is. You possibly can resist all of it but you need to know that visual blogging is the new blogging platform. Possibly you’re a bit old school and like to express your opinions via words, as it’s simpler so that you can get your point across. But this doesn’t suggest you should cut out Instagram completely out of your blogging toolbox. It doesn’t mean that you need to change your blogging style altogether. It is clearly another opportunity the place you can build an online presence and lead new viewers to your blog. Under are some tips to help grow your blog by Instagram.

List Of 14 Tips How To Blogging Via Instagram 2019

1. Use Instagram to Tell About Your Brand’s Story

What are you trying to speak with your general content marketing strategy? In case you don’t know, you can bet your followers won’t. Whether you’re the generous brand targeted on raising awareness for homelessness or the funny brand that makes videos make people snort, you need to use Instagram to reinforce that message.

2. Make Sure You’re Easy To Find On Instagram

People tend to be lazy. So for those who make it hard to navigate back to your blog they most likely won’t ever discover you. Be sure all your info, including a direct link to your blog, is easy to find in your Instagram bio.

3. Keep your profile Professional

With social media being an extension of our everyday life it’s easy to blur the line between work and play. If you are using Instagram service to push your work to remember to keep it professional and not to have too many personal pictures. Unless that is what your blog is about otherwise you may consider having two accounts to keep things organized.

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4. Don’t Overuse The Hash Tags

Many people are likely to overuse hashtags because they think it should make them extra visible online. Which may be true but it also makes you look unprofessional, a novice and desperate. Get creative with your hashtags and come up with relevant and unique ones to describe your images. This will help with encouraging like-minded people to view your blog.

5. Use Hashtags

Make it easy for different users to find you by tagging your content with related keywords.

6. Post the Best Pictures You Can

Not only does Instagram have filters and features to make your pictures better, but, in addition, there are a variety of apps that let you take your photos to the next stage. One of the most common is the now-free VSCO app, which expands filters, permits for all kinds of photo-editing capabilities, and easily allows you to post on the Instagram

7. Post Often

You don’t need to post each hour of the day, but, generally speaking, you do need to post regularly so as to gain a following. Taking an image and posting it solely takes a couple of moments, so actually, there’s no reason to not post often.

8. Create A Hash Tag Challenge On Instagram

We’ve all witnessed a number of Facebook challenges which have gone viral on our newsfeed. Instagram has been known to have more new users signal ups then Facebook and has the potential of reaching a larger quantity of people. You should use this platform to generate engagement and get viewers to your blog. An example of a hashtag experiment that gained lots of attention is the HungerChallenge which encouraged people to put up photos of them living on less than five dollars a day to promote awareness of people who often go hungry. Collaborating with people helps build your presence online as well as connect you with similar minded people. It is a nice way to get attention to your blog.

9. Write Captions

An image is worth a thousand words, however, a related caption solely enhances your communication. Use captions to elucidate to your viewers what you’re posting and/or to elucidate how what you’re posting pertains to your general branding.

10. Be Promotional, however, Don’t Just Be Promotional

It’s perfectly acceptable to submit a photo out of your latest blog post with a “New put up dwell at the blog now! (Link in profile!)” however be sure that’s not all you do. No person wants to follow a blowhard, and while you’re constantly shouting “Me, me, me!” that’s exactly what you change into.

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11. Tag People in Photos

When a new ebook is inspiring you and you’re posting a shot of it on Instagram, tag the creator within the caption. When you’ve got a company occasion where a number of your team members have Instagram accounts, tag them in the pictures you publish. Doing so is the Instagram version of saying “hi” to buddies at a party or introducing one group of mates to another. You not only shout-out to the users you tag, however, you also expose them to your viewers, which all people appreciate.

12. Like Photos and Leave a Friendly Comments

Engagement is key on social media. Follow the relevant users and regularly scroll through your feed, liking photos and leaving related comments as you can. This often leads to an interaction between you and other users, which builds good relationships over time.

13. Don’t Leave Nasty Comments

It should go without saying, but leaving unkind, unhelpful, critical, and otherwise, some nasty comments hurt your brand. So don’t do it

14. And Last Don’t Buy Instagram Likes

It’s not a secret which you could now buy like and followers on all social media platforms. However I’d advise against this as it’s obvious, it turns actual users off and it’s a waste of money. Should you work hard at building your brand you’ll organically build loyal followers who care about what you need to offer. Buying likes for an Instagram photo from a dodgy site do nothing for you other than improving a number. In the long term, it is not useful for gaining you, real viewers.

Above are just a few ideas on tips on how to promote your blog through Instagram. It is important that you try and experiment to see what works on your viewers, as all industries are different and require different techniques. Having query or opinion then comment below for mention it.

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