Today in Apple hi: Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin clash over the Mac

September 27, 1979: A few years before Macintosh is offered, Steve Jobs and Jeff Ruskin are heading towards the Macintosh R project for the first time.

Raskin, the founder of the Macintosh project, wants an affordable computer for everyone. Jobs is looking for the best computer, regardless of price.

Who won?

Macintosh price and function

September 27, 1979 was the date of Apple 's first cost investigation. Ruskin's breakthrough idea was to build a computer costing less than $ 500, based on a graphical interface.

This price ($ 1,650 today due to inflation) seems pretty standard at the moment. But at the time, this would be considerably cheaper than most common personal computers. Excel's Apple II is $ 1,298. Even for low-cost computers, TRS-80 costs $ 599.

But even at startup, Apple has a high margin for business. The company had planned to set a 400% margin on that machine. This meant that Ruskin's computer was made at 125 dollars and must be packaged. The note on September 27 stipulated that it was impossible. He proposed a more reasonable price of $ 1,500.

The notes contradicted within Apple. Jobs said to Ruskin, "We should not worry about prices," he said, instead "should identify the capabilities of computers."

Jef Raskin takes Steve Jobs at Mac price

Nodded Ruskin responded with Jobs' miserable note and was reproduced in an excellent book Apple Confidential 2.0:

" It is a compact and lightweight computer with an excellent typewriter keyboard. It comes with a 96-by-66 line, 66 lines with little depth, and a laser quality printer that takes less plain paper, takes plain paper and generates text on the page every second (not as fast as possible) I will. Please do not catch it when you exit them). The printer can also generate all the graphics that the screen can display (over 1000 points per 1200 resolution points). In color.

The printer weighs only 1 pound and does not require a ribbon or mechanical fit. You need to print in any font. In addition to the screen memory, there is a main storage byte of about 200 KB and a small storage element containing 1 M byte and requiring a unit of $ 0.50.

When you buy a computer, you get …

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