Today in Apple hi: The final Apple II model arrives

September 15, 1988: Apple will release the Apple IIc Plus, the sixth final model of the Apple II series. It is a wonderful machine with impressive features, but has bad marketing and bad support.

On Mac, Cupertino no longer seems to be interested in Apple computers.

Apple IIc Plus Specification

IIc Plus is the fastest Apple II model boasting 65C02 processor and processor speed of 4 MHz, realizing four times faster than the previous generation. Basically it was an optimized version of the Apple IIc 8 bit. This is less advanced than the Apple IIGS 16 bit of the high-end system that is in the era (it is still fast).

The presence of Apple IIc Plus was a response to the 128EX / 2 laser, an Apple II clone developed by the Chinese company VTech.

Take back a 5.25-inch floppy drive

By contrast, the Apple IIc Plus abandoned the traditional Apple 5.25 "floppy drive for the 3.5-inch internal drive. It provided about 6 times the storage capacity of a large capacity floppy disk. He also loaded much faster, energized the button and pumped out electrically. It 's amazing how it sounds today!

Similar to the anger of the iPhone 7 that dropped the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the IIc Plus version made a fuss among Apple II owners. Most of the software we purchased was a 5.25 inch diskette. If they wanted to continue using the software, they had to purchase an external disk drive.

On the design side, the Apple IIc Plus was provided in Apple's light gray platinum color, so the keyboard and device seemed to be about the same product. Despite its technical improvements, the computer weighed only about 7 pounds, half a kilometer less than IIc.

Apple abandoned the model in November 1990 and ended the Apple II line for more than 10 years since its debut. Apple IIc Plus was only available in the US, so it can only be used overseas rarely. Many Apple fans remember him.

Have you ever used Apple II?

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