Tokens can better hire startup employees than fairness – news

Structuring tokens and tokeneconom is one of the most important considerations in designing block chains. When considering the best way to distribute these tokens, the founder thinks about the impact of tokens on external stakeholders such as investors, communities, and stakers (those who can extract them). To verify bulk transactions). However, the symbolic economy confuses internal organizations, especially with respect to human resources and rewards.

If the chip is correctly configured for the block chain, the external stakeholders will correspond directly to the project goals. These incentives can encourage participation in the block chain platform and create symbolic demand for community development and marketing. Likewise, if the incentives of the internal stakeholders are properly structured, the project will reduce long-term value by motivating employees to move towards the same goal while reducing inconsistent behavior and bad actors You can create it.

In order for a block chain company to succeed on a large scale in the long term, it is necessary to build a token in order to sustainably hold the best employees and reward them. That is as important as that More It is more important than encouraging external token owners.

How does the employee see the chip?

Currently, shares in the form of stock options are widely distributed as part of the remuneration program among startups. When an employee joins a company, a combination of cash and stock options is generally offered. The option will be a means for employees …

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Tokens can better hire startup employees than fairness - news

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