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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugin To Optimize Category And Tags

Update - 2018.08.04

Best WordPress Plugin To Optimize Category And Tags – Are you looking for the must-have WordPress plugins to Optimize Category and Tags used by WordPress experts? Well, then you’ll become to the best place. With the “Category” and “Tag” in WordPress, you can own create contents in relation to one another. These are easy features that users could comprehend immediately. Choosing the best plugin for your WordPress site will help make your day-to-day life easier and deliver a better experience for your users as well.

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Today, In this article we provide you a list of Top 10 best WordPress plugin to optimize Category and Tags 2018. Check out our list here and leave comment below if you like it… 🙂

WordPress Plugin To Optimize Category And Tags – List

1. WP Limit Tags

If you are a fan of WordPress tags, then chances are you use a gazillion tags mindlessly to organize your site content – as if doing so will help the content rank higher in search engines. WP Limit Tags allows you set a limit to the number of Tags which can be added, requiring you to be more efficient with your tags.

2. Taxonomy Thumbnail

This is a plugin that adds the ability to attach a featured image to a category or tag, related to the Post Thumbnail feature in posts and pages. It’s a plugin that I think WordPress theme developers should consider supporting in their themes.

3. Remove Category URL

The WordPress category URL is prefixed with the category or as one that has been implied in the Permalink setting. It’s a valid hierarchy that separates the category from the other types of WordPress Taxonomy, like Tag.

4. Require Post Tag

If you want all of your published posts to carry at least one Tag, in this situation, this plugin is one you want to get. This plugin can be used along with the preceding plugin to control post-tagging on your website.

5. Single Category Permalink

If you had assigned two or more category hierarchies, permalink URL of the post would end up quite long which consists of the parent category and the next hierarchies. Keep the URL shorter with this plugin by using only the last category assigned.

6. Category Color

The plugin provides a color picker in the category editor. If the once the color is set, it can be output on the theme.

7. Category Sticky Post

The sticky post is a feature in WordPress to retain a post position at the top – a situation known as stuck. The sticky post however only works and appears in the main question, on the front page of the blog. This plugin stretches the functionality by allowing you to make the post also stuck in the category archive.

8. Category Pie

The plugin adds a Pie chart in the Category editor. It shows the percentage part of the categories used on your website.

9. Most Popular Tags

The Most Popular Tags plugin adds a new widget to show not only Tags but also other terms including the category and custom taxonomy.

10. Category Description Widget

This plugin displays the category description through a widget. By using this plugin, you don’t have to use a single line of code to show your category description.

So above is all about Top 10 best WordPress plugin to optimize Category and Tags. Hope you like this, so please don’t forget to share this article with others.

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