Top 5 Best Ten Inches Tablets 2019

Best Ten Inches Tablets – Based on screen size, tablets nowadays fall kind of into two categories, regardless of whether they’re running Android, Windows, iOS: big and small. Here’s a quick list of Top 5 Best Ten Inches Tablet 2019 you can buy off the shelf from your local supermarket. There’s nothing like being able to afford a full-size tablet at only a fraction of the cost of some iDevice. We aren’t talking about cutting corners here and going for a generic tablet or cheap knock-offs. Today we’re here with the list of Top 5 Best Ten Inches Tablets 2019. So check out the list of Top 5 Best Ten Inches Tablets 2019 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

Best Ten Inches Tablets – List

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

This tablet is our favorite Android tablet right now and replaces the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. This modern tablet is the best Android slate in the world because of a powerful processor and a great display that’s prepped to show you HDR content, one thing even the iPad cannot do yet. There is an S-Pen stylus in the box, and you will also have the option of buying a keyboard too, but it will cost quite a little bit extra. The price of Tab S3 is high, but it’s worth it when you look at all of the amazing features and power you’ll get for that amount of money.

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Apple iPad 9.7 inch (2017)

The 2014 Apple iPad Air 2 was recently abandoned and replaced with the latest 2017 iPad 9.7-inch, or just, ‘iPad.’ It’s 2048 x 1536 (264ppi) Retina display has received a lot of praise, but the screen isn’t laminated to the glass, and therefore more reflective, making viewing a rather strenuous affair at times. Unlike the Apple iPad Pro which is more equipped towards productivity and creativity, the 2017 iPad is more suited for normal web browsing, watching movies or reading. Still, the A9 chipset with its 64-bit architecture and the 2GB of RAM drives a solid performance and makes multitasking relatively effortless. At 7.5mm thick and with the weight of 469 grams, it’s light-weight and weighs around 40 grams more than the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. There is a 32GB of storage space should be enough for many, but there’s a 128GB version this is about $100 more. The 2017 iPad comes with the iOS 10. The rear camera of this iPad is an 8-megapixel camera, and the front is 1.2-megapixel. It can shoot in 1080p and has image stabilization, along with a host of other camera features.

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ASUS ZenPad 3S Z500M

Boasting a hexacore MediaTek MT8176 chipset processor that measures speeds of up to 2.1GHz, it features chic performance. The 4GB RAM is honestly prevalent in higher-end tablets, making multitasking a breeze. The design is very similar to that of the iPad Pro 9.7 regarding the form and its adoption of the 4:3 ratio, but based on the Amazon reviewers, unlike the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 the quality control isn’t the best, with many receiving faulty devices upon arrival. It’s diamond-cut edges, and metal casing provides the Zenpad 3S 10 an elegant look and the fingerprint scanner, which doubles up because of the home button, is super responsive. It has capacitive buttons on each side of the home screen/fingerprint scanner – one for back and the other for multitasking. It makes use of USB-C, and its fast charging allows for the 5900mAh battery to charge in around 2.5 hours. Battery life is around 10 hrs according to the ASUS, which is more than enough for many users. The camera quality is quite poor, with the 8megapixel rear camera and 5megapixel front camera underperforming.

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Google Pixel C

Google made its one of the best Android tablets around. The Google Pixel C has all of it: a remote display, lots of energy and a top-class design. Ok, it’s no longer reasonably were given all of it – it’s a little at the darkish facet, and the dear (but relatively artful) keyboard dock isn’t used by the Android interface, which is made very a lot for contact and no longer real keys and productiveness. The one’s issues apart, the Pixel C is going toe-to-toe with the iPad Air 2 or even the iPad Professional 9.7 with its new inventory Android interface, sizzling metal frame, and large screen. If you are looking for the most productive of Google in a tablet, then the Google Pixel C offers you simply that.

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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro

The Yoga Tab 3 Pro is packed with full of media-focused features and sports a distinctive, unique design. There is a built-in stand to take the heat off your hands, while the integrated projector means you’ll be able to enjoy large screen entertainment away from your TV, though the display is bright enough that you won’t always feel the lack to use a projector anyway. All that tech does make it little portable than most tablets on this list, and the UI could be better, but it’s a somewhat unique option.

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