Top 7 Ways to Build Customer Trust On Your E-commerce Store

Ways to Build Customer Trust On Your E-commerce Store – In the crowded world of e-commerce, persuading a customer to make a purchase often comes down to trust. That means more than merely having high data security; it means building a connection and confidence with potential customers. Trust is a critical element in influencing consumers’ purchase decisions. A study revealed that people are more likely to purchase from a site if they’ve both high levels of trust and low levels of perceived risk when using the website. To build e-commerce trust, online retail outlets must optimize their sites to make potential customers feel comfortable making a purchase.

Check out our Top 7 ways to Build Customer Trust on your E-commerce Store that you can help to build trust and confidence along with your online store customers!

Ways to Build Customer Trust On Your E-commerce Store – List

1. Contact Information

People were always looking out for common human features when they want to build trust in a company. So it is very very important that you’re making your business more human-like which will eventually result in you getting more trust from the customers. Contact information gives a strong indication that there’s a real person at the other end who can be approached anytime so that he’ll help, should anything go wrong. You can provide more than one channels of communication so that it helps ease the anxieties that users have about shopping on your e-commerce site. By using a distinct tone, you can show your customers that there are real people behind your online business.

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2. Make it Personal

People don’t trust pages or websites. They believe people. So it’s crucial that your site has a human factor. One way or another, you want to present your prospective customers with faces and names. Use an about us page to show, not just information about your company, but a message from your firm’s Founder (with an accompanying photo) or a Meet Our Team section.

3. Use an SSL Certificate

If your payment gateway integration doesn’t require you to make use of SSL certificates, you should invest in one for your site to build customer’s trust. If you want to implement secure and encrypted connection in your payment gateway, then set up EV SSL certificate for your e-commerce site. Many customers have been instructed to look for the ‘little green lock’ in the address bar when they are entering sensitive payment details, and they won’t excuse the loss of safety reassurance only since you’re sending them offsite for payment details.

4. Add Trust Badges and Security Seals

One of the most significant concerns for online shoppers is the security of their sensitive data. Publicizing security ties and trust badges are a great way to reduce the perceived risk of customers on your website. By clearly communicating the safety measures in place on your sites, like SSL certificates, PCI compliance, and other certifications.

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5. Borrow Media Trust

If you’ve been mentioned in a news outlet or on a prominent site, use the trust this information source has to build your own. For example, if you’ve been quoted in a publication, show that quote. If a news outlet has written about you or one of your products, display that you’ve been featured on this news site.

6. Be Transparent

Transparency is key to building trust. You’re asking your customers for a lot of personal information. Letting them know why you need it and how it’ll be used will help put them comfy. Add an FAQ page to your store to give concerned customers a place to be reassured about your policies and practices.

7. Show Some Personality

Always remember that the clients want to do business with a person, not a company. When you interact with them, be human. Communicate with them online the same way that you’d in person. For this, you can use a live chat software like Zendesk or one of Zendesk competitors. Additionally, having a great ‘About Us’ page that shares your story in a simple way can go a long way in building trust.

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