Top 5 Best Headphones Under $200

Update - 2018.08.01

Best Headphones Under $200 – You never again have to spend a lot of money just to end up with the best headphones. We get to look at some of the top models of headphones you can find on the market at affordable prices. These are the best headphones under 200 that you can always find for yourself on the market today.

Best Headphones Under $200 – List

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

The Sony MDR7506 headphones are the best regarding using them for sound monitoring mostly in studios, film product, and many other applications. Whenever you need the reproduction of high-quality sound, then you can always rely on this model. The model comes with the closed-ear design, which is now more popular in homes and professional recording studios. The work of such a design is to help minimize the ambient sounds.

The model still features a great rugged design, which is all about durability. You will get to enjoy using the headphones more often since they can last longer. They are also made to be convenient for folding. This means that you can carry them to different places with ease and open them up for use whenever necessary.

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Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

If you love dynamic stereo headphones, then you are in luck using this type of headphones. They are designed to suit various needs such as using them for professional linear sound reproduction or just at home listening to music and watching movies. The model is designed to exceed the demands of any professional environment, and it is the reason you get several users wanting to use it more often.

Its rugged design is something that promises durability all the time. You also get user-replaceable parts such as the cable and the earpads. It is a model that is widely compatible with various devices that you might be looking to use. Its compatibility makes it be among the best headphones you can get yourself today. Its foldable design for sure reduces the amount of space it occupies in a carrying bag, thus making it portable.

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Bose SoundTrue around-ear Headphones II

The Bose company does not often disappoint with the type of headphones they make. It is the same thing when you get these headphones today. They are made to deliver on music that is deep, clear and full of life. From the looks, you will love its slimmer profile and fresh new colors that can match up to any of your styles. The model features a soft padded headband and memory foam cushion around the earcups. The result is that you get comfortable headphones you can wear all day long.

Other than being among the best headphones under $100 for low budget, they are also one of the most lightweight headphones. Sometimes you might also forget you are wearing them. The manufacturer sells you the headphones with its carrying case for easy portability all the time.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Monitor Headphones

This is not just any other type of professional headphones, as they always live up to the professional standards that people are always looking for. The sound quality of this model is impressive. It is not too high that it feels irritating. The manufacturer delivers a model that is all about high-quality built. Its build is solid so that you can enjoy having the best headphones for a long time to come.

On Overall, these headphones feel quite comfortable. They are made to cover the ears so that you cannot have to worry about the ambient sound from outside. The earpads are also just very soft that it feels like your head is enveloped in some soft material. It comes with many other additional accessories that make it even better.

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Modern Portable Hi-Fi Elite Super66 Noise Isolating Headphones

Of course, wireless headphone could not have missed on our list. These headphones are what you need when it comes to better sound over the Bluetooth connection and still at an affordable price. It is often that you get the Bluetooth headphones being quite expensive, but not for this one. It was made to suit the various needs of different people looking for something different in the headphones.

The super66 model is lightweight, and the headphone joints can retract, rotate and fold so that portability is enhanced. This means that you can always take the headphones to wherever you want. The rotating earcups are also padded so that they can offer a great fit for either the small, young or old.


Forget about those expensive headphones that you might have bought before. It is now possible to get the best sound experience even when using some simple headphones too. The headphones reviewed above are all the best when it comes to delivering the best features that the clients mostly want.

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