5 Best Free Games that Don’t need Internet

Free games that don’t need internet to playEveryone loves to play games on their smartphones in their free time as it is the best time pass, and choosing the right game for your device is not a piece of cake especially when you are seeking an offline game. There are numerous games that are adventurous and thrilling, but consume your entire data pack in a couple of seconds leaving you craving for data. Sometimes we are out of our internet pack and unable to play games on the phone, to resolve this issue, we’ll provide you a list of famous games that can run smoothly without the internet.

List of Free games that don’t need internet to play

Temple Run

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Temple Run is a renowned game providing adventurous running experience in an entirely new way. The game is perfectly designed for gamers seeking for high-quality graphics in a compact game that entirely runs without the internet connectivity. The game features a player continuously running and escaping from the different hurdles. You just need to download the game from the Google Play Store for Android devices, and from App Store for iOS devices. Moreover, you can search for the game’s API on Google by typing Best Free Games without WiFi, and you can easily find Temple Run on the top of the list.

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Smash Hit

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For the gamers seeking for fun arcade game that features smashing of glass through a metallic ball. The game is precisely designed with great graphics and requires proper focus and concentration on the upcoming objects in the way. Smash hit is one of the famous games that runs without eating your data and can be easily downloaded for different mobile operating systems. Moreover, you can easily download the game for your tablets and iPod from the company’s official online store.

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Paper Toss

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Paper Toss is an easy and fun game that is designed by Backflip Studios by keeping in mind the exact needs of people of all age. The game features a trash box that needs to be filled with trash papers that provide the experience of playing basketball. It is a perfect time pass, and the difficulty increases as the fan interrupt the entire procedure. You can easily shun your boredom with this time-pass game available on leading mobile application stores.

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The word search is based on the conventional word puzzle game that sharpens your brain with mind refreshing puzzles. You need to search for different words from several categories such as animals, cities, trademarks, and much more. This game is specially designed for children to enhance their brain activity and further to increase their IQ.

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Asphalt Nitro

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For speed and thrill lovers, Asphalt Nitro is the perfect racing game that takes your gaming experience to an entirely new level. Choose your favorite sports car from a range of premium sports cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, and a lot more. The game is available on the internet for free of cost and doesn’t require the internet connectivity.


The market is flooded with the best games that don’t require a permanent internet connection, and you can easily search these games by typing Best Free Games Without WiFi, and you will get relevant results.

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