Top List of The Best Resources for Startups in New York City

Did you ever wonder about having your own startup and what it takes to actually launch it? Definitely, it’s not an easy thing to do – especially if you live in New York City. Competition is harsh and stakes are high, but despite that, you still should give it a try. Here’s your guide to the best resources that will help you not to get lost in the world of technology and business in NYC.
No doubt, you need to work a lot to make your dreams come true. You literally have to write dozens of CVs and resumes to apply for jobs, internships and other programs. You can’t really succeed without having an excellent resume by hand! Residents of New York city can compare resume writers NY to make sure their applications get positive attention. is open for anybody who wants to learn about technologies and entrepreneurship. This platform gives opportunities to find funding for companies, startups for investors and job training for those who need to improve for potential workers. Everything for and about startups is collected here.

Fun fact: it’s the first city website that is based on “nyc” domain extension.

General Assembly

Originally General Assembly started as a working space in 2011, but then they grew up into something much bigger – community, which is based in 20 cities, more than 30000 graduates and over 250 instructors and teachers from all over the world. General Assembly provides training in coding, marketing, business, etc. Also, they offer all kinds of free events that you should check out for sure.

Founders Nation

This resource is perfect for those who are in need for co-founders. You simply register on a website, fill out your profile by explaining what you are looking for in your co-founder, which skills and characteristics are crucial for you and how much time and effort you will be able to contribute.

Gary’s Guide

Gary’s Guide is something that any person even with a small interest in entrepreneurship and technology should know about. This resource is the best for those who are looking for any tech-related events – from workshops to job fairs. Events’ locations are spread everywhere: from New York City to London.

Business Mentor NY

This program is completely free network for entrepreneurs that allows them to connect with each other to discuss various issues and problems about business. In order to become a mentor, you must have at least seven years of business ownership experience or five years of management experience.

Startup Weekend

During Startup Weekend, you jump right into the project of your dream! In only three days (or 54 hours) you will get a chance to team up with people that are as passionate as you are and something unique and astonishing! All you have left to do is to leave your comfort zone. Attendees learn about business and develop their ideas together with other enthusiasts. Startup Weekend grew up into a large organization with over 130 countries participating.

Startup Institute

Startup Institute is designed to help you with becoming skilled in areas like web design, web development, sales, etc. It provides not only personalized training and career mentorship but also opens the door to the whole network of entrepreneurs. So yes, everything is serious! For now, Startup Institute works only in Boston and New York City.


Alley is an entrepreneurial hub that helps small businesses grow. It’s all about support: members can use workspace, attend events and get services like business development or insurance advice. Alley is all you need to create a comfortable place for your ideas and projects!

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