Tour of the village where WhatsApp rumor killed five people

Penetration of erroneous news and erroneous news on social networks and platforms such as WhatsApp can have a big impact. In the village of Rainpada in India, this Five Linchi Also, the creation of the ghost town was reported on BuzzFeed News on Sunday.

In July it is said that five people were taken away in the village of Rainpada in Dhule, India, based on rumors that they kidnapped children with WhatsApp. According to BuzzFeed, a suspect waiting for the judgment considered that the suspect was kidnapped. Children by strangers.

Since May, BuzzFeed has reported that at least 16 people got married in India after mob occurred due to incorrect information on WhatsApp. Platform and its parent company Facebook, Fight fake news and wrong information With that platform

BuzzFeed visited a village where five men were killed. There are some important points of the story:

  • Three weeks after Lynch, Rainpada became a ghost town. According to BuzzFeed, hundreds have retreated fearing police repression. Daulat Tungya Babul, a 59-year-old farmer, said, "I'm not sure if this village will be reviving because this village has happened.
  • After Lynch, WhatsApp added the following function. Tag forwarded message

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Tour of the village where WhatsApp rumor killed five people

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