Trump says Amazon, Facebook, Google are representative of "a very antitrust situation"

President Donald Trump continues the war of words against technology companies for three consecutive days Bloomberg News In the afternoon interview with the oval office, he regards the power and impact of companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google as "a very antitrust situation." The playing cards criticized Google and started critics in Silicon Valley. It is advantageous for the left wing media organization. Fox News A severe incorrect research result segment.

In response to questions about whether technology companies like Facebook and Google are regulated and potentially to be split up by the US government, Mr. Trump said, "I comment on divisions like Amazon and Facebook "As you know, many think that this is like antitrust law, but I will not comment on it," the cards said, "Conservatives treated very unfairly "We are when we say" Wow, that's really bad, what they are doing ".

The reason why Amazon is included in this latest review is not clear. Because it does not operate a communication platform, probably because cards personally hate Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos. Washington PostThis is owned by Bezos and often criticizes the apparent tax problem in Amazon in the past.

The attack against Trump's technology companies has hit a new high price this week and represents the growth strategy of the right wing company …

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Trump says Amazon, Facebook, Google are representative of "a very antitrust situation"

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