Trump's new cyber strategy will ease the rules on the use of government cyber weapons –

This week's new cybernetic strategy of the Trump regime is just a set of ideas that was previously thought.

In this 40 page document, the government has formulated a plan to improve cyber security, encourage change, and reform the piracy law. Immediately after "Cyber ​​Security Space", election security of about a quarter page.

The difference was a tone. Although this document does not mention "aggressive" actions against actors and states that attack the United States, imposition of "results" is repeated.

John Bolton, Assistant Secretary of State, told reporters, "Our presidential command effectively reverses these regulations and effectively enables cyber-attacking activities through related departments.

"Like our Obama administration our hands are not tied up."

A major change beyond the update of old policies and principles was the destruction of the Presidential Directive of the Obama (PPD – 20), which imposed restrictions on government cyber weapons. The Wall Street Journal reported that these classified rules were deleted one month ago.

In other words, cyber attacks like Russia, North Korea, Iran will give the government government authority to deal with targets that are considered to be involved in cyber attacks against the United States. .

The use of rhetoric to strengthen the threat of military action and the power of either the real world or cyberspace is often criticized despite the growing tension. This time, no one hated it. Even an avid critic, such as Senator Mark Warner of the Trump regime, said that the new cyber strategy includes 'important and established cyber priorities'.

The Obama administration has been criticized for a long time …

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Trump's new cyber strategy will ease the rules on the use of government cyber weapons -

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