Top 5 Best Turntables For Beginners

When it comes to starting and building your DJ gear toolbox, you do not have the most essential piece of the puzzle without a DJ turntable. The Best Turntables For Beginners is in our opinion a combination of the following: affordability, a solid construction that lasts for a while as a long-term investment, the possibility to scratch and also add some new technological developments to give us a combination of that “classic and old-school” DJ turntable, while we also keep abreast of certain innovations that have come true in recent decades (think of PC compatibility, etc.). We have found the main choice to get started, but have also offered a few alternatives in case you had the feeling to compare and contrast. So, let’s take you to the best turntables for beginners that you can buy right now.

Here are the Top 5 Best Turntables For Beginners

Gemini TT-1100USB

For the number one, we dive into the Gemini TT-11000USB, a model that we consider to be one of the best turntables for beginners for a number of reasons – a great mix of affordability, overall turntable capabilities and long life for our DJs to learn. First and foremost, this brand is one of our favorites, and since the 1970s it has been a household name in the DJ world. We are not necessarily “brand favorite” types of gear junkies; But especially at the beginning of our efforts, brand awareness can help us to make our first purchase.

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Given that Gemini has been making turntables and DJ equipment for almost 40 years, it is safe to say that they know what they are doing right now. Let’s look at the functions. The TT-1100USB is a fully manual DJ turntable with belt drive and an aluminum platform with a design for a battle/club. These features help us have confidence in life it will bring us – just make sure you take good care of it and that you will have years of enjoyment. It also features a fully adjustable counterweight and anti-skating controls for a relatively stable stereo balance, as well as a MOTOR off/on button for delayed braking, allowing smoother braking on your vinyl.

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Numark TTUSB

As our first alternative to the number one choice, here we have the Numark TTUSB. This is a simple plug-n-play USB turntable that works well on both Mac and PC platforms. The TTUSB also has the ability to merge your vinyl records into a digital collection and simple USB connectivity, which is one of the reasons why it is known as one of the best starter turntables. It also has a number of beginner staples, with features such as an adjustable anti-skating control that provides a stronger stereo balance during mixing. There are many features that make it one of the best turntables for beginners.

The TTUSB supports playback speeds of 33.33 and 45 rpm, has an adjustable pitch control of +/- 10% and a 1/8 inch stereo input connector that enables the transfer of cassette tapes into computer files – making it an ideal tool if you archive his old recordings. Converting files is easy – simply exporting your analog music to popular digital formats like WAV or MP3, you can put your old records on top of your music library, so we can play both vinyl and digital MP3 or playlists that we use all streaming services. The Numark TTUSB and the previous Gemini-pick are quite similar because they both work on USB and are priced at the same price, while also combining the vinyl and digital world – choose the best that fits your style or is lower priced on this moment.

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Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB

Now we will watch the Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB, which is a rather cool model that is one of the best turntables for beginners who want a manual model. Like the previous two turntables discussed, the AT-LP120BK can also convert your vinyl records into digital audio files. The Audio-Technica also features a hand-operated, die-cast 3-speed aluminum platform with slip mat and a start/stop button while the player can play back and forth; it has 3 speeds 33/45/78. This model also has selectable ‘high-precision’ quartz controlled pitch lock and pitch change control with +/- 10% or +/- 20% setting ranges for solid pitch variation.

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The switchable internal stereo phono preamplifier comes with RCA output cables that allow the turntable to be connected directly to components without turntable-specific input. You can use this specifically for that “traditional” analog setup that we talked about earlier, or with USB compatibility, connect it to your computer to work digitally – one of the reasons why we think this is the best DJ turntable for beginners because of its versatility. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB includes a USB cable with Mac and PC-compatible ‘Audacity’ software to digitize your LPs. Overall, this is one of the best turntables for beginners right now.

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Akai Professional BT500

The Akai Professional BT500 is one of the best turntables for beginners when you want to stream your music wirelessly. Here we have another twist on what a ‘DJ turntable’ can be supposed to be – and so include it below if you were not interested in our previous three choices. The BT500 is a belt drive and a mechanically isolated motor that drives the galvanized plate at speeds of up to 33 1/3 and 45 RPM. The Akai is pretty high-end – you can see it from the classic walnut finish and the aluminum controls that it has made for audiophiles.

Cueing is quite simple with the turntable because it comes with a rubber anti-slip mat and a low solid straight tone arm with the adjustable counterweight. It also has a built-in phono preamplifier for your convenience – you can connect it to your traditional stereo system or even connect directly to your active speakers. The appearance of this turntable is simply beautiful. He jumped on the wireless movement not so long ago, because he can stream all your vinyl records via Bluetooth wirelessly. Overall, this is one of the best turntables for beginners.

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Roland TT-99

Finally, we have the Roland TT-99, a turntable with a direct drive that combines affordability and reliability with the old-school retro-style look. The Roland has a brushless DC motor that provides a constant torque of 1 kgf/cm2 for 1 second or less start time – so you could say that the engine is a bit above average. It also has an electronic brake to guarantee a stop time of 1 second or less, which is important when you try to stop a track on a dime (more focused on DJs with live performances who do not use playlists).

The S-shaped tone arm of the TT-99 is stable yet relatively easy on the vinyl, and with its 3 playback speeds (33/45/78 rpm) and +/- 10% pitch adjuster, it is fairly easy to play to get needed. Not to mention this is one of our favorite DJ turntables for beginners to learn to scratch. The Roland also has a built-in EQ phono, so you can get the most optimal sound from your tracks. If you’re looking for a vintage style turntable with a 909 slip mat, the Roland TT-99 might be the best starting turntable for you if you’re looking for a mix of reliability and scratchability. Overall, this is one of the best turntables for beginners on the market right now.

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And that wraps our quick guide & list on the best turntables for beginners! We hope that you have learned something new here and maybe even made a decision about what is the perfect choice for you. Feedback is always welcome, feel free to leave a comment or click on the Like button. Stay safe, people! We hope this article of Best Turntables For Beginners has helped you think about your purchase of your turntable and choose a good turntable to start with.

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