Tutorial Compilation for iPhone – Helpful Tips for Newbies: Review And Features

Description of Tutorial Compilation for iPhone – Helpful Tips for Newbies Review

Have you recently bought your first iPhone and felt a bit lost?
You do not know where and how to start setting up your new phone?
Would you like to be familiarized with it and feel free to personalize it with the knowledge of the most important aspects of this sophisticated machine?
Then this is the perfect app for you!

As a compilation of helpful tutorials, there is no doubt that you will not be disappointed if you only know a bit more about Siri or even want to use FaceTime offline.

Including a wide range of animated and animated themes; This app provides decent guidance and information from basic steps to advanced, with:

1. Easy way to use Facetime without WiFi
2. To change the resolution of the iPhone camera
3. How do I change the Twitter password on the iPhone?
4. How to change twitter image on iPhone
5. How to change the Whatsapp icon on the iPhone
6. To delete Twitter Search History iPhone
7. To configure iPhone Camera Settings
8. How to convert video for iPhone
9. How to create a playlist on the iPhone
10. How to flash an iPhone camera
11. How to take screenshots on the iPhone
12. How to Play Avi Files on the iPhone
13. How to read Wikipedia on the iPhone
14. To set the camera timer on your iPhone
15. How do I set Dropbox for iPhone?
16. How to set iPhone dictionary app
17. How do I put the radio on the iPhone?
18. To set up the Garageband app for the iPhone
19. To set up Google Tasks for the iPhone
20. How do I install Kik Messenger for iPhone?
21. How do I configure Minecraft for iPhone?
22. How to set up a subway surfer game on the iPhone
23. How do I install Temple Run Game for iPhone?
24. How do I install Viber App for iPhone?
25. To set up voicemail on the iPhone
26. To set up Windows Media Player on the iPhone
27. How do I set Yahoo! Browser to the iPhone
28. How to turn off iPhone camera sound
29. To turn on the iPhone front camera
30. Transfer music from Windows Media Player to the iPhone
31. How to convert voice over the iPhone into text
32. How do I use the Amazon App for the iPhone?
33. How to use the barcode scanner for the iPhone
34. How do I use Blogger for iPhone?
35. How to use map app for iPhone
36. How do I use eBay App for iPhone
37. How do I use Facetime on iPhone and iPod Touch?
38. How do I use Facetime over 3G?
39. How do I use GPS for the iPhone?
40. How do I use the iBooks app?
41. How to use the Instagram app on the iPhone
42. How do I use the Mileage Gas Calculator in your iPhone?
43. How to use the night vision camera on the iPhone
44. How do I use Panorama on the iPhone?
45. How to use Siri for iPhone 5
46. ​​What is a front camera?
47. What is HDR on iPhone camera

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