Twitch Viewers Can Subscribe To Streamers on iOS

Twitch users on iOS can now subscribe to streamers from within the app. The benefits of the subscription are the same on desktops and mobile devices: viewing without advertising, emotes chains, badgers, etc. However, the current subscription process works differently.

For starters, you must purchase an iOS sub-token through the app. This is good for a level 1 subscription of a month. You can trade up to 12 tokens at a time, which is a one-year subscription. It is important to note that the iOS subscription fee is $5.99 ($7.86) instead of the usual $4.99 ($6.55).

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This takes into account the costs associated with the App Store. That said, Twitch offers a limited-time iOS contract that includes two chips for $ 8.99 ($ 11.80).

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