Twitter Adds Data-Saving Feature To Its Android & iOS App

An updated version of the Twitter mobile app will help users better control their data usage, much like the Twitter Lite app designed for emerging markets. Now, instead of downloading a separate application to limit data consumption or manually adjust various settings, users will be able to activate a new “Data Saver” option available in Twitter settings.

The feature, first flagged by 9to5Mac, adds a switch to app settings that prevent automatic playback of videos and loads lower quality images. You can still use the commands below to choose how to load videos and images via different connections, but this new feature simplifies the process by allowing you to reduce data usage with one click.

The new tool is located in the “Use data” settings of the application. When the new setting is on, images load at a lower quality and videos do not play automatically. There is also a button under the three-dot menu that loads a high-resolution image if you want to better look at a particular photo.

Some users may already have this update, according to TechCrunch. Twitter has been testing this feature for a long time in its mobile apps. Twitter’s new Data Saver tool is also available on the platform’s desktop site, Twitter Lite, and on the social network’s mobile website.

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