Twitter notifies users about API bug that shared DMs with wrong devs

Twitter today began to alert users to bug APIs where users directly share messages (private messages) and tweets with developers. Twitter application.

According to one person Support page Twitter announced that this bug was found in the Account Activity API (AAAPI), a system that allows Twitter business accounts. We will simultaneously access account data for multiple developers.

Because of this bug, when a regular Twitter user contacted the Twitter business account using AAAPI, the bug sent a confidential message and protected tweets to the wrong developers, not legitimate.

Twitter said he found a bug on September 10 and fixed it the same day. They are also active for nearly 16 months from May 2017 to September 2018, saying that it affects about 1% of Twitter users.

This bug represents a serious problem concerning the privacy of Twitter business accounts that process customer complaints that may potentially include personal user information, in particular using managed messages.

As soon as Twitter has broadcast pop-up messages to affected users who accessed Twitter's website and mobile apps.

Twitter also told developers who received unexpected data and said the company will cooperate to comply with the obligation to delete information that they should not have.

A Twitter spokesperson said, "It is a shame that this happened," You promise to recognize and evaluate our trust and gain that trust every day. "

On September 12, Twitter staff also changed how third party applications access shared images via direct messages, but this problem seems to be irrelevant to today's notice.

In July, Twitter has tightened the verification policy of developer accounts to combat robot networks and advertising campaigns. The company has simultaneously deleted more than 143,000 suspicious applications.

Updated with additional data immediately after publication Twitter blog Provide details of this problem. The title was updated accordingly.

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