Twitter Will Now Take All ’emojis’ As Equal Characters In Word Count

To reduce confusion over the number of characters on its platform, the Twitter microblogging site announced that all the emoticons on the platform would be equivalent to an equal number of words. Due to differences in the number of characters in emoticons and text, many emoticons, including those with variations in tone and skin, have been counted as more characters, creating confusion.

“As a support for recent Unicode updates, Twitter will now count all emoticons equally, including those with skin tone and genre modifiers,” the company said on a blog Thursday. In order to provide users with the opportunity to express themselves in a more elaborate way, Twitter used previously.

“This update marks a significant advance for our service because everyone can now benefit from the extra space to express themselves with more characters,” the message added. In addition, Twitter has also released an update of its “Open Source” library – Twitter text 155 – to reflect these changes.

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