Two Japanese space robots land on asteroid 200 million miles away

JAXA, a Japanese space agency, successfully landed two mobile exploration robots on an asteroid crossing outer space on over 200 million lands. Rover, collectively called MINERVA – II, was launched from the Hayabusa spacecraft on Friday.

This is the first time that the unmanned exploration mission "Hayabusa 2" launched in December 2014 landed the mobile robot to the asteroid. Hayabusa 2 reached the asteroid near Longkou in late June. Half investigation.

Previous Hayabusa 's mission was judged to be only partially successful due to technical problems concerning collecting efforts. Several asteroids were collected by the mission,

The MINERVA – II Minibot was first isolated from the Hayashi Grass No.2 spacecraft on Friday. There was a time when the communication link with the robot was lost immediately after separation.

"The communication with MINERVA – II 1 is currently stopped, probably due to the tornado rotation, MINERVA – II 1 is now on the other side of the asteroid Currently the image captures the landing of MINERVA – II 1 I am checking if there is anything. "Hayabusa 2's team said via Twitter.

Eventually the link is restored and the robot appears to be operating normally.

According to JAXA 's announcement, "both rovers are transmitting images and data in a good condition".

Takashi Kubota spokesperson Hayabusa 2 representative expressed his team's pleasure. "The good news made me very happy.The image taken by MINERVA-II during the leap made me to relax when the dream of several years became reality." I was in Japan I was impressed with what I did and deep space exploration. "

Robots are increasingly helping space exploration. NASA prepares duties to rely on robots to extract resources from the moon. The space agency currently uses a wide range of robots for replenishing and exchanging human teams.

Next month, Hayabusa Unit 2 will deploy a larger mobile called MASCOT (Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout). Next year, the second jump robot will be introduced.

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