uBiome is leaping to $ 83 million healthy medicine with Series C financing.

23MB, IBM, and now uBiome is the next technology enterprise to enter into a profitable multi-billion dollar drug discovery market.

We started a consumer health test to see if your intestines possess the proper kind of bacteria for healthy digestion but more than 250,000 microorganisms from skin to vaginal health is included. According to the company, these types of Sur world,

Founder Jessica Richman says that there is a big opportunity to use this data to create value in treatment.

To support drug discovery activities, San Francisco-based start-ups will transfer treatment units to the new headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and name the old ones. CEO Joseph Jimenez also attended the board of directors.

The company has money to develop this new headquarters by introducing a new $ 83 million C series led by OS Fund. 8 VC, Y Combinator, in partnership with Dentsu Venture etc.

According to a survey by BCC Research, the drug discovery market is projected to reach about $ 86 billion by 2022. New technology – A technology that solves the problem of illness and shortens the time of research and commercialization. & # 39; It is the cause of certain drugs – growth, this is where you think that ubiome can enter the game.

"With this funding, we can expand our product portfolio, further focus on patent-related assets, particularly commoditize pharmaceutical products and strengthen clinical profile in developing patent assets. Said.

Mr. Richard does not yet know what kind of pharmaceutical manufacturer it will work with, but he said that it will be more likely to make this announcement later.

To date, the company has published more than 30 peer reviews on microbiome research and has concluded research cooperation with organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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uBiome is leaping to $ 83 million healthy medicine with Series C financing.

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