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10 Best Screenshot Capturing Tools of 2020

Screenshot Capturing Tools – Taking a screenshot will be very helpful for every kind of reasons, and most operating systems come with inbuilt screen capturing or clipping ability. However, if you want more advanced instruments, there are some third-party apps and plugins that allow you to refine your capture by selecting both a section of the screen or an entire web page, (beyond what you can see in the browser window). Whenever you are viewing for feature-rich screen capture software, then you may wish to check out some of these tools.

Screenshot Capturing Tools – List


Greenshot is an open-source capturing tool for PC, optimized for productivity. It’s popular. However, we don’t see any benefit to utilizing it over PickPic. However, wherever you don’t like PickPic for any reason, Greenshot is one of the most related apps you’ll discover for free.

Download Greenshot

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DuckCapture helps to snap a region, object or window, scrolling window and fullscreen. You can also choose the whichever snapping mode you want with a hotkey or by mousing over the program icon in the system tray.

Download Lightshot

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FastStone Capture


FastStone is the $20 program that makes a few extra functions to your screenshots, related sending them in a Word or PowerPoint, screencasting, and more formats. That isn’t better than PickPic enough to warrant the $20 price tag in our opinion. However, it’s an excellent various (with a free trial available) wherever PickPic isn’t for you.

Download FastStone Capture

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Live Capture

LiveCapture permits you to capture Full-screen screenshots, Window control screenshots, Chosen area screenshots, Active window screenshots, Set area screenshots. That also includes an All-in-one capture tool.

Download Live Capture

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Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor supports the multiple screens, full screen, window, rectangular space, and fixed space captures from every hotkey or the programs menu. The cursor could be included or excluded. It’s the only capture facility that may get a self-portrait. The software can acquire images from a scanner.

Download Screenshot Captor

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Gadwin PrintScreen


Gadwin PrintScreen can capture the complete Windows screen, the active window, or a specified area when the hotkey is pressed. The new key defaults to the PrintScreen key, however, users may also define different keys to initiate a capture.

Download Gadwin PrintScreen

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From the creators of Snagit, is also very popular. It’s related to PickPic, however with a better sharing function that’ll ship your image to Flickr, Twitter, or Facebook. It also does screencasts, which is an excellent addition. However, it also makes the program comparatively slow—which is annoying as heck when all you want is a quick screenshot.

Download Jing

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Snagit is one of the greatest and screen capturing tools you can find, and that comes from TechSmith, one of the important software developers in the trade. It permits you to capture each screenshot & video.

Download Snagit

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PicPick snapshot capture software is the all-in-one solution for developers, designers and general day by day user. PicPick is very easy to use because of its intuitive interface. Once you are installing PicPick software on your PC, all you got to do is to pick one of the tools from the PicPick Tools tray icon menu everytime you need.

Download PicPick

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Skitch is the screenshot editing and sharing utility that permits its users to edit the picture with shapes, customized text after which share it online all within one page. Utilizing Skitch screenshot editor you can also export your images to several image formats like jpeg, png, and more.

Download Skitch


Lastly, whenever all you need is first screenshot taking, you can try Windows’ built-in Snipping Tool or the lightly more feature-filled Lightscreen. Snipping Tool allows you to capture screenshots, and that’s it, whereas Lightscreen gives a delay before taking the ability to make your format and save location, and a few different fundamental features. Lightscreen is very light-weight, which is nice, so when you don’t want features like a built-in editor, it’s a great tool to try.

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