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3D动物海洋版 for iPhone: Review And Features

3D动物海洋版 for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of 3D动物海洋版 for iPhone Review

3D Animals of Sea — The Best iOS apps for kids to learn about animals
What lives under the big oceans? Blue whales? Sharks? Sea turtles? Dolphins? In fact, life under the sea is much more than we can think. This "3D Animals of Sea" is The Best educational apps for kids to learn the knowledge of marine life designed for children under 10 years of age. When our kids install the app, they are immediately kidnapped into the colorful underwater world! There are colorful clown fish, cute white whales, "manta rays", "living fossils", horseshoe crabs, etc., up to 30 species of marine animals!
In this app, each animal has the detailed description, including English and Chinese name, living area, favorite food and features tuned. The 3D technology makes all scenes and props more realistic, so that children can observe these animals in a 360 ° angle. There is no doubt that the wonderful app is very helpful in developing children's observational skills, memory and coordination. At the same time, children can learn more about marine life during the conversation.
Features :
1. Use 3D technology to make the scenes more realistic.
2. Provide English and Chinese versions, and each version has the introductory text and voice.
3. Each animal has interesting action show and can be very interactive with children.
4. Animal knowledge test can improve children's memory.
5. Children are free to choose food to feed these cute animals.
6.The beautiful visuals and wonderful background music make children fall in love with it.

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