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AAA – News for Apple Products: Review And Features

AAA – News for Apple Products: Review And Features

Description of AAA – News for Apple Products Review

It has never been so easy to keep up to date with Apple's news and products!

Get all the latest Apple news you need in one place! Latest iPhone, iPad, Mac and general iOS news and stories. All leading news sources and blogs are provided to you in an easy-to-use, clean interface!
You can also subscribe to push notifications for specific products or Apple events! (more details below).

So, what exactly do you get?

* No setup or learning time required. Fire AAA for the first time – and instantly see what are the current "must" Apple news.

* Learn about your own schedule: read the latest stories or up to a week back!

* Videos curated by leading YouTube Apple news channels.

* View coverage of every story from every source that covered it – with a simple tip!

* A community of Apple fans! Post stories or polls, comment on stories and tag articles!

* Block source – filters out unwanted sources

* Your own news feed! Select your favorite tags about Apple and its products – and just get a summary on these tags or just block tags you're not interested in!

* Push notifications on prominent Apple-related events and / or your chosen tags (optional). For example – you can subscribe to push notifications specifically through the iPhone X or the WWDC. How great is that?

* Built-in-it-later – save an article for later reading for free!

iPhone only features –

* Collapsed mode – an effective reading mode! Browse through the news and decide what you want to read, save or share!

AAA: The leading Apple News App.

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