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Alchemist Rose • for iPhone: Review And Features

Alchemist Rose • for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Alchemist Rose • for iPhone Review

Five stars! ***** "This app is absolutely awesome … Visually stunning, it makes me tingle all over when I use it – breathtaking!"
Five stars! ***** "Insane interactivity"
Five stars! ***** "I have the most particle apps on my iPhone and this one ranked at the top."

*** AirPlay Screen Mirroring works fantastic !!! ***
* Stream the iPhone screen wirelessly to your Apple TV. Look at your big screen TV! *

Alchemist Rose looks great for the high-resolution Retina display on your iPhone 4.
This small screen version of Alchemist Rose has all the features of the original five-star Grand Daddy version on the iPad. (* Note: does not include all the new features of the current iPad version.)

Best of all, plug your iPhone 4 into a big screen TV or video projector and you will be the
Full iPad high-resolution video output … directly from your iPhone.

Also compatible with iPod Touch 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3!

Beautiful, Magical, Colorful, Gorgeous … • • • … play music … pick up your iPhone … and DANCE!
Alchemist Rose creates animated interactive colorful mandalas that mutate to any movement!
Video Out supported. Connect it to your big screen TV or video projector and perform for your friends !!! All video out cables are supported (VGA is best).
Great for parties!
Perfect for VJ-ing.

Ambient Gallery Mode: Any Art Gallery or Executive Desk worthy of …

… for a subtle color and movement, place the Alchemist Rose upright in your iPhone dock …
… let the unfolding rose relax your thoughts and carry you into another dimension.

• Change color palette: Touchscreen
• Delete screen: double-click
• 10 fingers MultiTouch
• Spin Adjust: Tilt left and right
• The tendency to gravity influences the touch after release
• Bounce your iPhone up and down to visualize the beat
• Video-out aspect ratio in the settings: 16×9 widescreen and 4×3 standard – both supported
• Variable speed: tilt up and down. High for slow and down for fast.

Settings: (AlchemistRose settings are in the iPhone App Settings)
• Video Out – Connect it to a video projector or HDTV for the Big Screen AR Experience. All aspect ratios are supported: 4×3 standard; 16×10 wide computer monitor; 16×9 wide HDTV.
• Vertical video output – An external monitor in vertical portrait orientation is now supported. A 16×9 vertical external monitor is especially nice.
• Keep Display On – Disables the auto-lock feature on your iPhone, automatically turning off the display after a certain amount of time. * (* Note: Remember, the longer the iPhone display is turned on, the more battery is used.)
• Touch New Color: each touch changes to a new color palette.
• Speed ​​- "Always Fast" is the pure-to-the-metal experience. At 60Hz it can be very intense. – Variable Control gives you a more relaxed, subtle and controllable experience. Decrease the tempo by tilting the iPhone. Vertical portrait is the slowest mode. iPhone Flat on the back is the fastest. Tilt somewhere in between for just the perfect speed for you!

Alchemist Rose is designed to be intuitive and explorative.

For the Ultimate … Pick Up the iPhone … Dance … No … Sway … Touch … Twist … Bounce …
The colorful mandala becomes music! … visualized by your movements …
… if you find that moment … it's an experience like no other! : ^)

Alchemist Rose is an ongoing project based on 25 years of visual music production experience.
Get in early and enjoy the ride.

Tell your friends: ^)

Love to hear from you!
Email us at: alchemistrose Opticalalchemie com

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