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Bagel Measuring Tape – A World’s Smart Measure Tape ever

bagel measuring tape

Bagel is a smart measuring tape that can adapt to what you need.If you have ever worked with something that frequently makes use of a tape measure, it can be impressive when you just look at a tape measure and know the measurement at a glance. If you don’t work with tape measures, you might end up usually counting a little tick mark and then also cutting the board too short. No less than that’s how it usually works for me. However, the Bagel Smart Tape measure will end all that.

This tape measure interfaces with a smartphone app and has three entirely different measuring modes. String mode is one of them. It has a string that rolls out of the tape measure, and all you have to do is put the end of the string where you want to measure. The tape measure gives you the exact distance and can send the measurement to your smartphone as well.

Measuring Modes

Wheel Mode

This mode is quite instinctive and can measure long distances as much as 10 meters, especially when there the string may not provide much use. Whenever you selected the wheel mode, you use one hand to drive the wheel that holds out the side of the tape measure that will record the entire distance spun which has been traveled by the wheel. The main advantage to this is that it works on all hard surfaces, and provides quick and easy access whenever you only have one hand available.

String Mode

With a total physical endurance of 112 pounds in weight, the string is adamant and durable. It is very comfortable and safe to make use of because the string isn’t made up of metal so there isn’t any risk of cutting finger.

Simply pull out the length of string required to get an accurate measurement which is learn outed digitally on the tape measure’s show.

Bagel contains a significant amount of additional area accessible for winding up string whose whole length is 3 meters(9.8 feet).

Remote Mode

Remote Mode an almost modern feature that hasn’t always offered probably the most accuracy and dependability in multiple models, and relies on an ultrasonic sensor. Once you’ve chosen the mode, a red laser guide will beam out automatically so you possibly can see the point that you’re measuring, and the sensor technology will decide how far away it is.

That is notably helpful for hard to reach areas that will be next to impossible to measure by rolling or via the string. Since there is a built-in help to maintain the tape measure leveled, you can at all times be sure that you measure straight throughout, and try not going on for the angle. The maximum distance it can measure is 5 meters, which is longer than the string and half the length of the wheel.



  • Saving Information & Voice Memos:

After taking your measurement, save the info with simply a click on of a button. You can even select to report a voice memo that describes what you simply measured.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

You can connect Bagel to your smartphone through Bluetooth by which you’ll be able to share measurements to the Bagel’s respective app.

  • Internal Memory

If you want to take a look at past measurements, you’ll be able to bring up all of your logs quickly on its digital display. It has internal memory that can save as much as 100 measurements and voice memos.

  • Synchronization with Smartphone App

Using Bagel, you won’t lose track of your previous measurements which you’ll be able to check all in your smartphone’s Bagel app, The place your previous measurements have tagged with a voice memo.

  • Rechargeable Battery

Bagle doesn’t require the hinder to replacing the batteries because Bagel comes with a built-in lithium polymer battery that will last up to 24 hours and averages 8 hours with it constant use.

  • Selectable Units

If you want to use inches, centimeters, or millimeters to measure size, Bagel will adapt your needs and if you’d like you can also choose to display your measurements in feet or meters on your mobile’s app.


The overall construction is quite good, with a polycarbonate outer casing, giving it a compact size and a design that you are just used to see. Weight 4.2 ounces, to carry it with you which won’t be a burden.

The metallic tape measure is unprotected to scrapes and rust, whereas this sensible one with some electronics constructed into it’s designed to function and final, although it’s limited to room temperature conditions. When it comes to accuracy, however, a maximum 0.5% bias isn’t much in comparison with other models, particularly considering that any faults are made mostly by the firmware and not the sensors. It is an advantage because the firmware might upgrade as Bagel makes improvements, via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

9.5 Total Score

Overall, the Bagel Smart Tape Measure might improve your organization on the job and let you measure difficult surfaces much more easily.

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