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Bills for iPhone: Review And Features

Bills for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Bills for iPhone Review

Top 1 iPad App in total (US) several consecutive days. Plan and track your expenses every month. When all your devices are synced, you'll never miss a bill again. Clear, easy and fast (a MUST HAVE) financial planning! Buy now ►►

You always need a simple tool to control the amount you want to spend this month. Essentially, you need a large calendar to keep track of the amount of money you have spent compared to the amount you wanted to spend. You also need to review lists of overdue payments, planned payments, and check what has already been paid out. Bills for iPhone is made to help with these needs! Make your ongoing monthly financial planning a simple and enjoyable task!

How to work with the application:
Set a number that indicates how much you want to spend this month. Mark days in the large calendar if you want to pay or buy something. When you have completed a transaction, approve it quickly (you can also partially approve it and postpone the rest of the payment). Easily filter your bills and payments through the calendar and special boxes to view your planned, overdue and paid expenses and bills. If you spend too much, the green bar above the calendar will inform you. For better payment planning, you can add your income to the calendar. Additional functions: Export to HTML and CSV (Excel) and PIN code to protect your entries!

Each item is reminiscent of real office space objects that are so familiar and help to focus on billing and spending. Flip-Board displays the list of your transactions. The large projector screen displays a calendar view of the current month. Office folders are reserved for additional functions. Drawers should serve as filters. And when you add or edit entries, you see a notebook page.

– Easy management of expenses and invoices
– Recurring reminders until the due invoice is paid
– Revenue entries that help plan your payments
– fastest work with entries
– Filter for paid, scheduled and overdue payments
– Easy syncing: iPad, iPhone, Mac
– Family Sync: Track your bills with loved ones (Sync via Dropbox)
– easy export to HTML and CSV (Excel)
– PIN code available (for privacy)
– great special iPhone oriented interface design

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Bills for iPhone is here to give your financial experience with the iPhone a new twist.
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