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Chalk Pad for iPhone: Review And Features

Chalk Pad for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Chalk Pad for iPhone Review

Chalk Pad now available for iPhone makes your iPhone a handy blackboard! Loaded with options and beautifully rendered graphics, Chalk Pad has been voted # 1 on the App Store by Chalkboard App.

Chalk Pad is perfect for handing notes, playing games (think of Tic Tac Toe or Pictionary), or let your kids draw pictures, all without mess!

With your finger With Chalk Pad you can draw on a blackboard like in a classroom. Easily change color and thickness too!


– NEW! Undo Up to 5 previous actions!
– Choose from an unlimited number of chalk colors with the color wheel!
– Just change the line weight!
– Save, e-mail or post-drawings on Facebook!
– Air pressure directly to your printer!

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