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Codelobster review: Best PHP Editor

codelobster review

Codelobster review: A couple of days ago I have received an e-mail from someone from CodeLobster asking if I would be interested in reviewing their code editor. So after that, I went used this IDE for good 2-3 days and now I review this good IDE for PHP development. In brief, CodeLobster is a distinctive PHP IDE that’s focused on productivity and taking control of your coding challenges or projects as an entire. The CodeLobster PHP Edition IDE, available from CodeLobster Software, is probably the named product on this roundup.

Learning PHP and creating your personal themes and templates may be done however the main disadvantage most programmers face in designing is that they’re unable to search out an IDE or internet development environment that’s affordable (or free) through the beginning of their career. Codelobster primarily is a free, portable integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP. It additionally has support for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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As everyone knows these days PHP is an extremely popular as well mostly used language for each new project related to web development either a webmaster needs to develop WordPress plugins or themes or a modern PHP based mostly web application. These all technical process is biting time-consuming and want some effort, however, using an IDE (Internet Development Environment) software the process of creating such plugins or themes or any related application become a lot easier and efficient. As we all know PHP is as versatile as each new undertaking is being typed on this programming language as a result of its best compatibility and ultra-high portability, however many programmers still unaware that it lacks on different security causes. But the query is PHP is sufficient to develop any project? In case you make some research on it then you will discover “PHP need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as needed arm and other than it for getting efficient decoding and coding capability we must always have good IDE”.

What’s Codelobster and the way can it make it easier to in designing?

Usually whenever you search for a free Windows-based IDE on your project then you’ll get a long list but they most of them will cost you. So when you searching for some best IDE for PHP then we want to recommend Codelobster to you. It’s a free IDE software developed by Codelobster software. It runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system and is designed mainly for only PHP language. It has built-in support for PHP-based frameworks like CakePHP and CodeIgniter.

CodeLobster Versions

CodeLobster at present has three versions

  1. The Free version that comes with (almost) everything that you’d expect from an IDE
  2. The Lite version which costs $39.95
  3. The Professional version which is the Lite version plus all of the available plugins.Usually, the Lite version and all of the plugins cost $369,5 but the Professional version costs $99,95. Of course in case you are only thinking about a couple of the plugins then the Professional version doesn’t make a lot of sense.

You’ll find the full description of all features on this page about all three versions.

A few of the awesome features that make Codelobster best IDE.

Well, the CodeLobster IDE comes with the whole lot that you would want from a developed IDE and it does hold a lot of promise for any developer out the re. The concept of the advanced plugin is to make extra functionality accessible. All you need to activate the related plugin and you’re ready to go along with any PHP framework. It also provides support for WordPress via WordPress advanced plugin and some other popular CMS.

  • Supported CMS, Frameworks and JavaScript Libraries
    Codelobster supported nearly all well-liked CMS which is The Best thing about this IDE.
  • Advanced PHP/HTML/CSS JavaScript autocomplete
    Codelobster’s autocompleted feature is perhaps the biggest time saver for coders. As soon as you begin typing, codelobster takes no time to understand your intent and like we do in search engines it begins predicting the upcoming strings and instances.
  • Plugins
    I really preferred the Codeigniter and jQuery plugins. Certain plugins add the function definitions to the IDE so the autocomplete works as you’ll count on.
    Currently, there are plugins for:

    • CMS: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
    • PHP frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Laravel
    • JavaScript library: jQuery, Node.js
    • Smarty and Twig template engines
  • Browser support assistance
    If you’re a designer you’d surely relate to the fact that we’d like our creations to be cross browser compatible. Many times we change browsers or have two or more desktops including different versions of browsers to check this feature.Codelobster makes this time taking the process as fast as talking. It shows the browser support of CSS elements by just hovering on it.
  • CSS Support
    The re’s a good little feature that when you hover over a CSS property, the IDE displays a bubble with the browser compatibility. Not an important feature out there but good to have. It also shows a preview of the color you’re using in a property, that is something that some editors are missing.
  • SQL Manager
    SQL manager permits to produce all necessary actions with a database – to add, delete, edit some structure and records in tables, to export data, execute SQL queries. Highlighting and autocompletion accomplish for SQL files also.
  • PHP Debugger
    You may debug PHP scripts using CodeLobster PHP debugger. This feature is built in and requires minimum effort to setup.
  • FTP Support
    allows to work straight with a remote server and to perform all required changes with files as a way to edit files directly on the server and you may download/upload your project.
  • HTML/CSS inspector
    CodeLobster comes with a Firebug style inspector, which allows you to inspect an element and think about the current CSS that’s applied on it. Personally, I would still use Chrome or Firefox however once again, it’s a good feature to have
  • Preview of colors
    All code highlights depend upon the code type, mixed code are additionally supported, thus the area of HTML can be highlighted as HTML, PHP as PHP, and JavaScript as JavaScript in the same file


Installation was pretty easy and automatic, however, the re’s one step that you need to cover to get started. All three versions are bundled with the same installer; the several features are unlocked with an appropriate serial number.

I do like that the Help > Registration and the dialog show you exactly which plugins you’ve enabled, and within the case of trial versions what the number of days you’ve got left.

User interface

The User Interface of the CodeLobster IDE is slightly off the track. It doesn’t really feel modern, but it surely does offer tons of skins to choose from. You’ll be able to simply choose the sublime skin should you used sublime text in the past or any other you of liking. In contrast to the minimalist interfaces regarding Sublime Text, Atom and Brackets, CodeLobster employs a more traditional multi-panel layout.

What I disliked about it and What would I wish to see more in the upcoming versions?

  • A more sorted help support
  • Free edition features
    The free version of CodeLobster doesn’t have VCS integration, SASS/LESS support, automatic code formatting and a couple of other options as well. Most free IDEs or text editors don’t have these features out of the box both, but they do have an avid community and a kick-ass plugin manager that means that you can set up whatever functionality you want. Since this in not the case here I really suppose that the free edition needs the things that I listed.
  • Autocomplete
    Although the autocomplete works pretty much as you’ll expect it to, sometimes the IDE provides you with the name of the function but not including the parameters or the return. This mostly happens with the varied framework functions.


The first thing that I want to focus on is the cost associated with the IDE. Currently, it’s out there in three versions. If you wish to try out the IDE, they provide the user a free version in exchange of your email address. Sure, you should register your name and email handle and they’ll send you a key for using the free version. Though, offering the free version is structured but is sort of unnecessary for the free version.

The lite version, on the other hand, is obtainable at only $39.95 and comes with advanced features similar to SQL manager, code snippets, code formatting, SASS and LESS help, and so on.


Overall I think that CodeLobster is a pretty first rate IDE. It’s an actual jack of all trades and is a should have tool for many designers.  I think people that may not afford costly software but still need to take advantage of a full-featured integrated development environment should give it a try to see for themselves whether it is a good fit. It’s a free PHP compatible IDE which just for Windows (Vista/windows 7/windows 8/windows 10). It’s fully compatible with window’s server as well got a lot of extra features for being best portable that you simply can’t find in others. So, In other words, you possibly can say Codelobster providing and keeping the webmasters demand free & best PHP Editor. But we suppose you’re thinking only for being portable and free of cost, we’re recommending you codelobster to you? In case you still on this dilemma then you’re on the wrong track, there are many unique features that enable Codelobster for being best among the rest. We’re going to mention some best features which force you to start your project with this recommended PHP editor.

My verdict

I am usually a WordPerss master. With an expert helping the setup of WordPress, beginning a WordPress project was simple. All you want is a background server that takes care of the database for the WordPress website. With project creation finished, you will find the interface fairly clear. It additionally offers a full-screen mode so that coding sessions goes without any distractions. I love this as distractions are easy to come by and makes you not focus on the problem at hand.

Easy methods to get the latest version of CodeLobster?

Click here for Download

We hope you enjoy the article ‘Codelobster review: Best PHP Editor’ Stay tuned for more updates.

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