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Flashlight & Morse Utility: Review And Features

Flashlight & Morse Utility: Review And Features

Description of Flashlight & Morse Utility Review

-Light, Morse and strobe
– Brightness adjustment

Super fast start of the flashlight !!!

This is The Best torch app that uses the flash from any iOS device and also supports iPhone 3G 3Gs and iPod touch with HQ graphics and animations.
We have a very fast start of the app. It does not even take a second to start the app. Once it's started, you're ready to bring light into the darkness.

There are 3 different modes.
The torch mode, the startup mode where you can turn your app on and off.
The Morse mode lets you morse signals, even very fast performance of
this mode.
And we have a strobe mode where you can change the frequency.
The frequency is also displayed in an indicator.

You can also cast any desired text in case of a World End scenario.

We also have some sounds and animations integrated that give the feel of real torch.

Never get scared again in the dark.

Please note that the use of the flash light can significantly reduce battery performance.

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