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GigaTrust for iPhone and iPad: Review And Features

GigaTrust for iPhone and iPad: Review And Features

Description of GigaTrust for iPhone and iPad Review

GigaCloud ™ for iOS, a component of the GigaCloud ™ service offering, enables your device to fully participate in GigaCloud's Software as a Service (SaaS) service.

GigaCloud ™ for iOS is based on the GigaCloud ™ security ecosystem; Bridging the gap between iOS devices and secure content collaboration. Now your mobile user base can have durable content protection and the convenience of mobility to send and receive protected content. Sharing of information has been greatly enhanced as content with protected content can now be accessed on mobile devices.

Unlike secure point-to-point messaging solutions that only protect content during transmission, GigaCloud ™ for iOS protects content at rest, during transmission, and in use. This allows you to securely protect and permanently protect emails and attachments while they are being read on the device. iOS users can also apply protection to outbound email replies and messages. When e-mail permissions allow forwarding, attachments remain protected, whether retrieved on the desktop or on another mobile device.

Supported file formats:
• Microsoft Office Suite – Word, PowerPoint, Excel,
• PDF – Adobe and Microsoft format,

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