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Lock Screen Themes free: Review And Features

Lock Screen Themes free: Review And Features

Description of Lock Screen Themes free Review

Do you often need to use the Screen Lock feature on your iPhone / iPod? And standard gray screen is a provocative comment to your creativity? Then you will definitely like "Lock Screen Themes free"! Inspiring and inspiring what you see on the iPhone / iPod screen, this new application will inspire and inspire you! Wide range of tags and special editing options will delight your imagination!

The Lock Screen Themes free application lets you create your own lockscreen design. It allows you to change the wallpaper by selecting one from a huge background database sorted by tag. Then you can add additional effects to the selected image using the editing options offered by this application. The picture can be framed; At the top of the picture you can insert the desired text. Frame can also be selected from a large gallery and its transparency is adjustable. Color and font for text can also be chosen according to your taste. The application allows you to preview all your masterpieces and if you are happy with the result of your creativity, it can be customized in the gallery on your iPhone or iPod.

– Allows the manufacturer to create a custom background for the screen lock
– Provides Maker with large image database
– Images are sorted by tag
– More than a dozen tags are available
– Image Library contains love, game, movie, skull images and etc.
– The main picture can be inserted in a frame
– Dozens of different frames
– Adjustable transparency of the frame
– Have the manufacturer move through the gallery on the edited image to the right and left
– Move through the picture gallery
– Move through the picture gallery
– You do not need to exit the currently edited image
– Picture and frame can be seen together
– Additional text can be placed on the screen
– Two lines are available
– adjustable color of the text
– Possibility to preview the link before saving
– Created backgrounds can be saved in the iPhone / iPod Gallery
– Simple and easy-to-use interface
– Clear steps to create custom lockscreen
– Absolutely free without restrictions

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