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Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 Review

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

There are at present several cordless keyboards with a range of choices to select from on the market. For those who are in search of one that appeals to your sophisticated sensibilities and on the similar time puts you in harmony with efforts to be kind to the earth, Logitech provides a keyboard that matches the bill. With its slim profile, solar-powered operability and light-touch keys, the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 rises to the top of the wireless keyboard lineup.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750: Design and Features

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is a full-size keyboard equipped with a numeric keypad for number crunchers. The matte black chiclet keys are framed by shiny black plastic that may attract dust and smudges. Alongside the tapered edges of the keyboard is a matte white line that frames the complete 1.4 x 19.1 x 7.9 inch rectangular design, breaking up the black. Altogether the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 has a sophisticated look, with a skinny, light construction and simple color design; it ought to fit in with an all in one PC, if that is the look you are going for.

Above the numeric keypad is an on/off switch and a button that permits you to check if the ambient light is enough sufficient to energy or charge the keyboard. If youdownload the Solar App from Logitech’s website, while you press the button a window will open to show you the status of the battery and the way much light is within the room. The solar panels sit along the top of the keyboard.

On the top of the keyboard are a series of the usual F1-F12 keys, which double as hot keys to manage your media, start up apps like the calculator, e-mail, and default music player, and even put your PC to sleep. You possibly can change 6 of the 12 features via the SetPoint downloadable software. You can select between assigning your individual keystrokes to one of the F keys or you may select from a list of particular activity to alter the key’s function to—most of them relating to the actual icon depicted to on the key. Assigning your individual custom keystrokes is pretty limited, as opposed to gaming configuration software bundled with keyboards just like the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate, which provides to report your keystrokes, mouse clicks, and customize the time between each action. The SetPoint software only lets you be as detailed as, say, making a keystroke combination like Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+z. Although it is not necessary to download the software—setup merely requires the consumer to turn on the keyboard and plug within the USB dongle—these programs are more for the tinkerers.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 wirelessly connects to your PC or laptop via a mini USB receiver that communicates over a 2.4GHz wireless frequency. During testing I found the keyboard to be quite dependable—never dropping a keystroke. The USB receiver additionally has a special added characteristic: it can sync with up to 6 different Logitech devices via the SetPoint software. This lets you use one USB dongle in one USB port in your PC rather than 2 USB receivers taking up area so as so that you can use your mouse and keyboard. Pairing an additional peripheral to the USB receiver is painless, simply go to the “Unifying” section within the SetPoint interface and follow the instructions.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750: Performance

The 1st is the incurve. Whereas most keyboards dip heavily within the center the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 keys are more subtle as if you would pressed your finger tips gently into a soft surface. This makes them cushion your fingers better and you are feeling a grip for the keys earlier.

The 2nd element is the action of the keys themselves. For such a skinny keyboard the re’s a remarkable quantity of travel, not too much, and the keys then quietly spring back in such a manner than your fingers do not lose contact with the key on the way back up.

The effect this creates is a capability to dance from key to key, there isn’t a stabbing action from one to another. For touch typists that is good as a result of the extra duration of contact means your fingers spend much less time airborne that means less chance of dropping your positioning and consequently making errors. Heavy typists will also be keen to learn that the standard keyboard weakspot, the space bar, is simply as well balanced as the rest of the keys.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750: Verdict

Logitech leads the way within the wireless keyboard genre with the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, a mobile, reliable, refined and eco-conscious keyboard filled with features and functionality.


  • 100% solar powered
  • New, very attractive concave keys
  • Plug and play: no driver required
  • Fun, free light-meter utility


  • Legs seem fragile
  • Black glossy finish beginning to look a little outdated, picks up fingerprints
  • No lights for Num Lock, Caps Lock and so on.
  • No macros
  • No storage for USB adapter
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