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March for Babies for iPhone: Review And Features

March for Babies for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of March for Babies for iPhone Review

March made easy for babies. Directly from your iPhone.

With the app March for Babies you can take your fundraising with you. Just log in to and use the app for all your fundraising activities. Tap on your best campaign today. Thank you for going with us for stronger, healthier babies!

Easy to use:
· Determine your fundraising goal
· Update your picture and your story
· Look at the pages of your team members
· Ask for donations
· Create Facebook Fundraiser
· Send follow-ups
· Share your progress
· Say thank you to your donors
· Current online donations (with push notifications)
· Add money and check donations
· View event details and directions
· Get ​​the latest infos for babies in March

The March for Babies app communicates with your March for Babies account. Changes you make here will be displayed on your March for Babies fundraising page and vice versa.

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