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MOZILLA Firefox review

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We’ve ever had a soft spot for Firefox, however previous versions have disappointed due to sluggish efficiency. The last few iterations although have shown nice improvements, and this one in specific is very impressive.

MOZILLA Firefox review: Mozilla develops Firefox. A nonprofit that receives its operating funds by charging fees to the search engines to stand first in the search box in the browser receive generous gifts and display promoting on the available tiles on the home page. Moreover, Mozilla calls himself a champion of privacy. It’s therefore that a lot of attention to Mozilla Firefox paid by such things as the Social API to develop that will make unnecessary the necessity for the so-called “social buttons” and the people accompanying tracking on web pages. Read Also: Best Firefox addons 2016

MOZILLA Firefox review

Download MOZILLA Firefox

Personally, I am a massive fan of Firefox, and I use this browser from a long time. I like that is very simple to use and intuitive, numerous add-ons once installed add different features and helps me to perform further tasks such as autocomplete for web forms, explore page source, save web pages, etc. Read Also: How to manually configure proxy settings in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox also has the usual security features you’d require private browsing, encrypted password storage, Phishing, and Malware site warnings plus the optional Do Not Track, and more superior Tracking Protection, to stop ad servers viewing your browsing habits. The re’s also some other interesting features built-in, together with an RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to your favorite websites and have the information stream in your bookmarks bar. Just click on the folder to see all the present headlines. Another smart feature is Howdy, which is a Skype different that allows you to video call friends without both of you needing an account. Merely launch the feature, send in invite to the call, and also you’re ready to go. Read More: A Video chats are easy and instant with Firefox Hello

Here some Features of MOZILLA Firefox

Multiple tabs

Open many pages in multiple tabs on the same window. Just arrange tabs with drag&drop, close them or add to Bookmarks.

Smooth zoom

Do it’s essential to enlarge text to read it easier? No downside, this browser permits to zoom in/out through top menu or keep pressed CTRL and scroll with the mouse.

Private browsing

You can open a new window in special Browsing mode, and Firefox will not save browsing history, cookies, and temporary files. A private window also helps multiple tabs. Helpful if you don’t want to let tracks of your internet activity on the computer.

Custom homepage and download location

Customize the default start page and homepage (homepage is that while you press Home icon), so there are two various things because start page (while you open Firefox) will be different or the same as the homepage.

Allow popups from desired sites

When a pop-up seems, clicking on Choices button that looks allows you to permit popups and allow certain sites to display popups. Most pop-ups are intrusive or are advertisements. However, there are some ones which are okay, for example, your e-banking page where a virtual keyboard may appear as the pop-up.

Supports add-ons

You can personalize your browser and add more features installing different plugins and add-ons. Includes a search kind and you’ll search, browse and install add-ons directly from Firefox’s interface. Add-ons will be enabled all time or only while you want them.

Is recommended to keep add-ons disabled if you don’t use them daily and allow every add-on while you need it because may slow down your browser. Read More: BEST FIREFOX ADDONS FOR FIREFOX 2016


Mozilla starts the year 2017 hopefully. The new model provides substantially only changes in the small print, however, to convince. For instance, in the everyday use, the display of the zoom level is very useful. Anymore, you can see why Web sites might have looked too small or massive with one click on. Wherever you watch a lot of videos on the net, you can enjoy the automatic stop perform of movies loaded in the background.

The hectic clicking and pausing are not necessary. Also welcome is that Mozilla is continually pushing its massive project called Electrolysis and makes the new engineering base accessible to more and more users.

We’ve ever had a soft spot for Firefox, however previous versions have disappointed due to sluggish efficiency. The last few iterations although have shown nice improvements, and this one in specific is very impressive.

We hope you enjoy the article ‘MOZILLA Firefox review Stay tuned for more updates.

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