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Panasonic SC-MC07 Review

Panasonic SC-MC07 Review

The Panasonic SC-MC07 compact wireless stereo system combines the perfect sound quality with a small, compact size to create a device that may be placed discreetly throughout a house environment. With no external electrical plug-in needed, the Panasonic SC-MC07 is powered both by AA batteries or through an included USB cable. The compact size of the Panasonic SC-MC07 means that you can place it anyplace in your house, and it can even be used as an on the go sound system so you may listen to your music anywhere, anytime.

Panasonic SC-MC07 are equal to the unique model with a dual power supply for 2 AA batteries or through a USB cable, if provided, to listen to your songs through 2W speakers.

The Panasonic SC-MC07 has a nice overall sound. It has a relatively flat performance across the listening frequencies. As you’d think about from a speaker of this size it lacks bass response. Simply the most disappointing aspect the Panasonic SC-MC07 offers less sound volume the Poid bluetooth speaker, and it offers a lot less sound volume than the Monster iClarity HD. That is unfortunate because the Panasonic SC-M07 is on the higher end on the price range.

Panasonic SC-MC07: Verdict

The Panasonic SC-MC07 is cool-looking portable Bluetooth speaker, but there are competing products at this price point that sound slightly better and provide better options, including a built-in rechargeable battery.

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