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Password Manager Finger Print Lock for iPhone Safe: Review And Features

Password Manager Finger Print Lock for iPhone Safe: Review And Features

Description of Password Manager Finger Print Lock for iPhone Safe Review

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Passwords is a wonderful app that makes it easy to remember passwords and other account information. You can save usernames, passwords, notes, pictures, and remarks in passwords. Passwords are very safe for storing your account information!

Passwords have been rigorously reviewed by Apple, and all data in this app is stored on the user's devices. Nobody, including developers, can record user information.
Please use passwords!

– With a master password you only have access to your data.
– All data is stored in your device, you can back up on PC & Dropbox, nobody but you could read it.
– Use Touch ID to sign up for passwords with your fingerprint on iOS 8 and above!
– Theself-destruct feature can erase all data if you lose your phone and the maximum number of failed login attempts is reached!

– Save credit cards, bank accounts, IDs, passports, driver's license and much more!
– Automatic login to your accounts with our Safari extension
– Easily copy / paste passwords into all your apps
– Safely store notes, pictures and other sensitive information with password lock
– Fill in user name and password automatically with our integrated browser or Safari extension
– Customize all fields yourself!
– Helpful Hide List: Manage your most confidential account information for sure, you could make the hide list visible or invisible!
– Easily backup and restore data via iTunes, Wifi and Dropbox

Get passwords for FREE now!

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