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Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker Review

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker

The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker, offers a sleek design that will enhance your audio space visually as well as offer a reliable choice for music streaming. This speaker has an anti-clipping perform for loud, distortion-free music. The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker has an advanced audio efficiency with a beautiful design, making it simple to take with you on the go. The speaker provides wireless streaming through Bluetooth, making this a versatile and helpful device. The re’s even a rechargeable battery for your convenience.

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker: Design

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker Design

The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker is a mini speaker, it’s small enough to hold around with you and use on-the-go. It is 1.0 channel, meaning that it’s a single speaker. The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker dimensions are 3.03 x 3.9 x 3.7 inches. At a volume of 44 in³, this is fairly small for a portable wireless speaker. Weighing in at 0.4 lbs, the Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker is likely one of the lightest portable wi-fi speakers. Heavier speakers have a tendency to produce better sound quality, keep this in mind as you make your decision.

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker: Connectivity

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity

The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker uses Bluetooth to play music wirelessly.

Bluetooth technology is used in 867 out of the 1202 wireless speakers, making it by far the most well-liked option for wireless speakers. Generally, Bluetooth streams audio at a lower quality and over much less distance than Wi-Fi based technologies. The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker makes use of Bluetooth v4.0, which is the most recent version and delivers the very best audio quality possible with Bluetooth. The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker has a Bluetooth wireless range of 30 feet, which is just below common.

Wired Connectivity: The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker can receive audio from its 3.5 mm (AUX) and micro-USB ports, along with its wireless capabilities. It has no wired outputs, which means that it can’t pass audio to different devices or headphones.

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker: Battery

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker Battery

The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker has a playback time of 12 hours. Playback time attempts to measure the number of hours a speaker can play for, but there isn’t any standard for measurements, so the numbers may be deceiving.

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker: Performance

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker Performance

The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker unique feature is its accordion style sides that expands and supposedly adds a “sound quality boost” to your music. The speaker solely has a 2-watt driver inside, so of course a few further inches of room would not make an enormous difference. After sampling a wide range of genres from hip-hop to jazz, there is no question that the Flex is unable to handle loads of bass. Heavy distortion is common when you start amping up the volume, despite marketing claims that an inside limiter circuit exists inside to stop this actual symptom. In fact, you may at all times get better-quality sound if you are listening to music through an auxiliary cord as opposed to going Bluetooth, but the Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker does not compare to the sound coming out of the JBL Clip and the Logitech X100 in a strict Bluetooth comparison. These units are capable of reach louder volumes with a cleaner overall sound that produces deeper bass tones and does not permit the mid-range to drop as a lot as the Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker.

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker: Verdict

Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker Verdict

The Philips Flex Bluetooth Speaker expanding radiators are fun to play with, but its high-reaching price tag does not match the sound quality.

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