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Philips A5 Pro Review

Philips A5 Pro

The Philips A5 Pro is a professional headphone, developed by Philips in collaboration with Armin van Buuren.Although this is basically designed for DJ’ing and live performances, Philips A5 Pro additionally superb to use at home or some mix just as headphones, while you work/study. As for headsets, Philips have at all times had a good presence in that market for a long time.

Philips A5 Pro: Design

Philips A5 Pro

Philips A5 Pro Design

You only have to hold the Philips A5 Pro to really feel that they have a high build quality, the headphone is made from aluminum and sturdy thick plastic and seems like an elephant is needed to demolish him. This does come with a price, the Philips A5 Pro is pretty heavy.  It is good having foldable ear pieces and the ability to individually adjust them. Additionally, the shells themselves have a slight tilt, so as at all times to perfectly connect the headphones over your ears. With its hard-anodized finish and durable yet aluminum structure, it’s the excellent companion to withstand any energetic DJ environment.

Enjoy greater freedom of movement with a 1.3m long cable with a coiled section that may extend to 4.7 m. The coil additionally reduces the strain on parts caused by pulling, while offering additional extension without the tangled mess of cables

Philips A5 Pro: Performance

Philips A5 Pro

Philips A5 Pro Performance

The Philips A5 Pro sound particularly good and have their own characteristic sound, The sound reproduction stays true to the unique and allows you to get the most out of your music. High powered 50 mm neodymium drivers are engineered for 3500 mW power handling – it doesn’t matter what the source is. Sound delivery is clear, dynamic and distortion-free even at high volumes or with high audio input power.

Straight out the box, the headphones have a smooth, undistorted sound with a colourful timbre that that permeates all through the overall presentation, whether you are listening to jazz, classical, rock, or hip-hop.

Philips A5 Pro: Comfort

Philips A5 Pro

Philips A5 Pro Comfort

The earphone materials are carefully selected to make sure both long-wearing comfort and enhanced sound efficiency. Deluxe breathable ear pads are designed for optimal ergonomic fit in addition to to seal in bass sounds while conserving out ambient noise. Ideal for noisier environments or within the aircraft. The larger naturally fit in better than the on-ear.

Philips A5 Pro: Verdict

Philips A5 Pro

Philips A5 Pro Verdict

The Philips A5 Pro is an excellent product. Not only in the design, but also within the sound and build quality.

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