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Pink Keyboard The mes: Pimp My Keyboards For iPhone: Review And Features

Pink Keyboard The mes: Pimp My Keyboards For iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Pink Keyboard The mes: Pimp My Keyboards For iPhone Review

Pink Keyboard Themes are for all chic girls who care about their accessories! Adapt your keyboard skins to your personality and drive you crazy! Choose pink backgrounds, add romantic shapes to your keys, and enjoy each time you type! And do not forget that you can do it completely for free! Get this free download and show the world how cool you are! Although we offer many options, the interface is pretty neat, so you can find the options you need!

* Pink Keyboard Themes offer everything for a girl's mobile phone!
* Choose from skins, colors, key shapes and sounds!
* We offer a fast news option for quick typing!
* Choose from the luxurious selection of fonts.
* These keyboards are completely free!
* A user-friendly interface just for you!
* Many funny emoji that bring your messages to life!

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Serbian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish

Pink Keyboard themes are here to shine some romance! Replace your standard keyboard with our sparkling skins, fonts and emojis and get the change you need! Scroll through the options and enjoy all the colors and shapes! Let yourself go and make the coolest design of all time – use all the glitter and heart shapes that make The Best keyboard ever!

******* Change your standard keyboard and show off your artistic skills *******

If you do not feel like typing, just use our text message option and send these messages in two shakes of a lamb! Write the message and save it under a number, and if you need to send it, just dial the number! You save so much time that you can use to decorate your keyboard! When it comes to key sounds, we offer funy as well as serious and melodic sounds! Choose your favorite tone and customize the keys! Go through all the options and choose the one that suits you best!

***** Download the perfect keyboard themes with fonts and key shapes. *****

This is the time to be creative and unique! Show the world your abilities and count the likes! Once you've decorated your keyboard, share the result online and your friends will admire it! Your unique design will amaze everyone. Choose the coolest background and add sounds to the keys, find the right font and enjoy typing! You will be proud of yourself when you see how creative you can be! So, do not waste any more time and download this cool app for FREE!

Download from Itunes

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