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Restaurant Finder: Review And Features

Restaurant Finder: Review And Features

Description of Restaurant Finder Review

Wherever you are in the US, do not worry about food because you can get all the information of the restaurants of your choice with this application – Restaurant Finder.

First you have to select the type of restaurant from the list given and then you can have more information about it. After entering the city / postcode or the place where you are looking for the restaurant, you will get the full list of restaurants offering you their food. Thesearch result would include information about their address, phone number, rating and URL (if any). Before you go to the restaurant, you can also call directly for more information.

The additional function

• The most important additional feature of this application is the possibility of weather forecasting. The moment you start the application, the image, the weather, the temperature and the humidity are displayed at the bottom left.

• In addition, you can change the setting by changing the order, radius, and number of records on a page to get custom results.

To encapsulate, this application allows you to surf and get information about all USA restaurants whenever you want.

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