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ScreenCaster Lite for iPhone: Review And Features

ScreenCaster Lite for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of ScreenCaster Lite for iPhone Review

– Initiate a LIVE web conference directly from your iPhone!
– Screencast your presentations on the go!
– Also includes WhiteBoarding for your remote audience
– Screencast to one-to-one or one-to-many, no limit!
– Viewers can see your iPhone from their iPad, iPhone or computer and follow your presentation.

With ScreenCaster for iPhone, you can share your screen wirelessly and create professional presentations for other iPhone users as well as for iPad and computer users. Wireless ScreenCast your iPhone to other iPhones and computers anywhere in the world. No helper apps necessary. You can share or present PowerPoint documents, PDF, Excel, Word, and a variety of other formats. Also includes a whiteboard. Note: Registration for unlimited screencasting is required. The full version includes unlimited Local Area Screencasting in the LAN without subscription.

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