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The Smart TV 2016

The Smart TV 2016

Smart TVs one of the easiest devices you can add your living room to turn your house into a smart home. We know these days many options in smart TVs are available in the market from mid to high range.

Some Features are a prerequisite for TV to become smart TV like internet connectivity through Wi-Fi, or Data card, Screen Touch or some TV offer you voice control, integrated motion and with lots of apps. So, In this article, we will describe you about TV’s that will make your surroundings smart.

Here’s list of The Smart TV 2016

Sony Android smart TV

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LG and Samsung have moved to a very streamlined smart TV systems for their latest TVs; Sony has another way by which they introduce Android TV to 2015 Smart TVs.


  • Good interaction with Android devices
  • Huge amount of content
  • You View and Sony’s Discovery system fill in the Android ‘gaps.’


  • Lack of customization for Android menus
  • Lack of tuner/connections integration into smart menus
  • Not focused enough on what most TV users want

Sony Android TV: Design and Features

Sony smart TV engine comprises three different elements: Sony’s home-grown ‘Discovery’ system, Your View and Android. ‘Home’ Android is arranged as a series of horizontal shelves, kicking off at the top with a Recommendations shelf devoted to a highlighting content Android things you might like to try. Sony has one for the Best designs in the world to have a better screen; now you can also enjoy 3D in it.

Best TV from Sony You can buy below ⬇

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Samsung UE65KS9500

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Samsung started this year campaign. By launching its flagship TV and Samsung UE65KS9500 is first of KS9500 Series.

The main feature of KS9500 TV is Direct LED Lighting local dimming; In KS9500 light system is directly behind the screen rather than on its edges, different level of light depending according to the need of an image.

Native 4K resolution and HDR playback is some of other main features, and it is available in 64 inches.

Armed with these high-end technology features, I can assume that it has a potential to deliver best HDR picture performance this year.

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Panasonic Firefox OS

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Some of you may wonder why this TV is called Firefox; it is because this TV is developed in conjunction with Mozilla, maker of Mozilla Firefox browser. Panasonic wanted to make this TV a better experience for Firefox community.

Comparing to the previous version of Panasonic TV it is a breath of fresh air; the simple home menu is simple and brilliant. It has a better understanding of what user wants from the smart TV.

The main feature of this TV is its high customization, by few clicks you can get icons of any app or even short cut for channels.

One thing is noteworthy that Firefox hasn’t put any negative effect on Panasonic’s already impressive facilities of accessing external content via Bluetooth.

Finally, after reviewing this TV, I can say that it is far better than its predecessor.

Panasonic 60
Panasonic 60
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If you are searching a smart TV with user friendliness and multitasking then folks! LG WEBOS should be on top of your priority list. It is by far similar to its previous version like its folder icons overlay the TV picture and this feature still does a brilliant job; selected icons pop up higher than other icons. On the left, you will get the recently used apps.

One last notable thing is its multitasking that means multiple tasks remain open simultaneously, and you can switch among the very quickly.

Some features apart, you can put it at the same level as its predecessor LG WEBOS 1.0.

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If you are Jeopardy champion, and you need a smart TV with simplest and best TV experience in Rock bottom price, then ROKU is for you.

The main feature of this TV is, it has minor features than the other tv, Lesser feature doesn’t mean it is damaging its quality, but it means it doesn’t have useless feature. Because of minor function operating this TV is child’s play. ROKU gave remote the simplest full functional remote in a market, and it has one cursor control with a minimum number of buttons for navigation and video control.

Although ROKU lags on the front image quality, it is most thoughtful, simple and user-friendly TV available at a very economical price in the world of costly Smart TVs.

So, guys, this was my review for Top Smart TVs based on Quality, Features, and pricing. So it’s on you which TV you want to buy and on what priorities. I Hope this review will help you to choose better.

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