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SpinArt Free: Review And Features

SpinArt Free: Review And Features

Description of SpinArt Free Review

One for the Best iOS apps of all time now has a FREE version! Join millions of SpinArt fans around the world and find out what this fun is all about! The New York Times says, "If you and your child were stuck on a deserted island with just one app, you wanted it to be SpinArt!"

SpinArt Free is based on one of our favorite childhood arts! It's fun and creative – you'll be playing with this app for longer than you thought! Whether in the bank, at the dentist or on a really boring date, you can always turn a round. Enjoy!

And now SpinArt Free has been updated for the latest and greatest iOS devices and technologies. We rewrote the rendering engine and menu system and made it look better than ever!

SpinArt Free is an ad-supported version of SpinArt. Many features are reduced, but it's free!

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When in spin mode (the button with the round arrows), swipe your fingers across the canvas to rotate at different speeds. Then switch back to Paint mode (the paint roller button), pick a color from the palette and paint some paint with your finger and watch how amazing patterns appear!

When you're done, go back to spin mode, tap twice on the spinning canvas to stop it and admire your final artwork!

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