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The ELCA Youth Ministry Network App for iPhone: Review And Features

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network App for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of The ELCA Youth Ministry Network App for iPhone Review

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network App – rebuilt from scratch in spring 2014!

Experience ELCA Youth Ministry Network anytime, anywhere. , Remember your faith, experience powerful educational opportunities wherever you are, and connect with like-minded people sharing the same joys and battles in service.

Yes, everything at your fingertips – with the state-of-the-art app for your iPhone or iPad. This app is free and gives you unlimited access to these great features:

Media – watch and hear from home or from anywhere! Immediate access to keynote speeches from past extravaganzas, webinars from 3rdTuesday Conversations and the Practice Discipleship Initiative. All these resources are literally in your hands!

Events: Stay up to date on network events. Add appointments to your own calendar, set reminders, get directions, and share them with friends – on-site!

Network Blog – News, Thoughts and Updates from the Network Director Blog, fed directly into the app!

Discover our mission, vision, history and more – it's a "Network Leadership Directory" in your pocket, with leadership roles, bios and more. Plus all the information about the history of the network and where we go!

Contact Info – No questions? Call us or send us an e-mail directly from the contact page.

Support the network easily! – With just two clicks! Absolutely sure you can make gifts and donations to support the network easily and quickly.

Invite and share others – Easily share content on your favorite social site: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and Email. "Go viral" with everything and everyone, and help others stay connected!

And soon in updates:
Interactive Prayer Wall – an incredible opportunity to connect with a powerful prayer community. Share prayer needs from your life or community. Get instant prayer updates, keep your prayer list "in your pocket" to check frequently, and let others know that you're praying for them.

Programs – All information about the programs offered by the network, from the Extravaganza to the 3rd text talk, MartinsList, Discipleship Training and more. Take a look at the schedules and details.

Now the whole Bible – fully and fully functional – in the palm of your hand. Amazingly innovative, this feature allows you to read different translations, compare versions, highlight passages, highlight selected verses with great index tabs, take notes, perform multiple searches, and more!

Why wait? Download this free app today. , , Renew, educate and connect. Put the network in your pocket!

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