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Timed Test Free for iPhone: Review And Features

Timed Test Free for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of Timed Test Free for iPhone Review

Thanks for the great feedback !!!

—- "Students love to use it and it's easy to use – no more checking timed tests with the easy way for students to e-mail results – developers are working hard to update the app and to make it as good as possible. " —-

—- "This app is a fantastic way for students to practice their basic mathematical facts and build a strong foundation for math success." —-

—- "I use this app in my classroom and students have increased their speed by 50% since the beginning of the school year." —-

Timed Test is a fully featured additional mathematical simulation simulator. Create fully customizable timed tests. Try our free additional part of the Timed Test App on us. We offer subtraction, multiplication and division in the full version of the app.


-Created custom tests with accessory
-Choose the number of problems and the range (eg I would like 100 problems with the numbers 3-8)
-Instant feedback option (intelligent answer color coding and sounds)
-Multiple user accounts
– Review all past tests and even make corrections (corrected issues highlighted in yellow)
-Unlockable achievements
-Email test results to teacher or family
-Print test to an AirPrint-enabled printer

When I was a kid, my mom printed timed tests and set the oven timer. She would rate it by hand. Now with the Timed Test App unlimited tests without paper and grading.

Help your kids gain the confidence they need to run timed tests with this app.

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