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Veescope Live Green Screen App: Review And Features

Veescope Live Green Screen App: Review And Features

Description of Veescope Live Green Screen App Review

With over two million downloads in the iTunes App Store, you can create awesome photos and movies with our green screen app. This app is free to use but your video will always be watermarked unless you buy the app. You only have to buy the in-app purchase once. Any videos created before the in-app purchase will retain the watermark. After the in-app purchase, new videos will not be watermarked.

Green Screen / Blue Screen Chroma Keying or Blank Wall Keying for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Create weather forecasts with our new backgrounds. (Requires an A6 CPU or better)
* Shoot high resolution 4k Green Screen Video on iPhone 6s & 6s +
* Green Screen photos with up to 12 megapixels
* Live Green Screen Preview with Airplay
* Works on any color background green, blue etc
* Change backgrounds while shooting movies
* Add photos or movies from your camera to use as background
* Include 20 background movie and photos
* Record in real time on a Quicktime movie
* Stop the motion animation
* Works with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

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