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World Numerology for iPhone: Review And Features

World Numerology for iPhone: Review And Features

Description of World Numerology for iPhone Review

The World Numerology app analyzes 18 different numerology metrics created specifically for you – with instant access to your FREE 8-page PERSONAL READING, free daily forecast and 3 free map calculators.

Master Numerologist Hans Decoz has created the largest collection of personal numerology readings that can be found anywhere – all in one app.

Each report covers a specific area of ​​your life. Learn more about your personality, talents, the way others see you and why you choose the things you do. Look at more challenges and opportunities. Determine your state of mind and emotions and check your relationship with the people in your life.

Each detailed reading is based on your unique name and date of birth and is therefore very personal. You can also add more people (as many people as you like) to see their free metrics and charts.

Ready to open if you need help in a specific area

The app makes it easy for you to access information that you use every day. Start the morning with your daily forecast – Schedule your monthly forecasts each month – Create unlimited relationship reports (and see how your annual and monthly forecasts are compared to your partners or friends) – Check your daily lucky numbers!


What makes us different:

• The complete collection of the Dutch numerologist Hans Decoz, who has been the leading numerologist for over 35 years (google him …).

• Analyze the way your core numbers affect each other and explain how the different aspects of who you are, work together – or fight each other. Unique to Decoz reports.

• Decoz also takes into account where each number appears in your chart. Other numerology programs give a 3 personality, 3 expression and 3 heart desire (for example) the same description. If you repeat the same text in different areas of your chart, it will not take into account where the number is. This is just as important as the number itself. This calculation makes a huge difference in your reading.

• Annual Forecast analyzes the combined effect of overlapping Essence and Personal Annual Cycles (how you will respond to the events and changing circumstances of the year) – another unique calculation. Contains 12 monthly forecasts and a look into the next year.

• Unlimited Relationship Profiles: The only app that lets you check compatibility with any number of people for a year. Includes monthly and yearly compatibility predictions for each relationship.

• No fillers – no advertising! We do not renew your annual subscription automatically. Your privacy is very important to us – we do not share your e-mail or personal information.

• The app collects all your personal readings in one place that you can access from any device at any time.

• The World Numerology Collection contains more numerology report types than any other software or website – all for less than a few sites for 1 or 2 readings.

8-page personal reading
Daily forecast (show up to 3 months in advance)
Chart Calculator
Decoz color chart
Proportional chart
Decoz Blogs
Numerology Audio Course

Available for purchase:
Full personality profile (32 pages)
Annual Forecast + 12 Month Forecasts
Unlimited relationship compatibility profiles
Unlimited Relationship Monthly Predictions
Unlimited Relationship Annual Forecasts
talent profile
Individual name analyzer
Business Name Advisor
Diamond Spirit report
lucky numbers
Inner reflection reading
Ancestral influence
Telephone number analyzer
Fund lost


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